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"In 1978 came a major disturbance in the force - a TV follow-up to Star Wars Episode IV so bad that Lucasfilm tried to erase it from the galaxy. Those who saw it can never forget. Now Bristol Bad Film Club screens a fresh investigation into the hows and whys behind the excruciating Holiday Special. Trigger warning: the doc contains images of Chewbacca’s family that you’ll probably find distressing."

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All tickets £7.50 / £5 for children under 15

A event on Thursday 14th December. The event starts at 19:00.

"The Star Wars Holiday Special is a work of such baffling insanity that every Star Wars fan deserves to watch it once - but probably only once." - Flickering Myth

Bristol Bad Film Club is celebrating the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special with a screening of the new documentary A Disturbance in the Force. PLUS behold the most notorious Star Wars rip-offs with Bad Movie Bible author Rob Hill!

Few pieces of media are as sought after as the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Released in 1978 to capitalise on the success of Star Wars, the famously bad TV event led to George Lucas allegedly tracking down every copy he could find in order to wipe it from the public consciousness.

But yet it survived...

Today, the Star Wars Holiday Special has become prized among Star Wars fans with bootleg copies becoming prize collectibles.

Now, 45 years later, you are invited to travel back to a galaxy far, far away to find out how the Star Wars Holiday Special happened.

A Disturbance in the Force dives into the mystery of how it happened and why, much to the chagrin of George Lucas, it has become the ultimate cult classic among Star Wars fans.

However it’s not the only weird part of Star Wars fandom.

The success of George Lucas’ sci-fi epic led to countless rip-offs and remakes and we’ll be joined by Bad Movie Bible author Rob Hill to celebrate some of the strangest ones out there with a clip show spun off from his popular Borrowing Blockbusters Youtube show.

We'll also be joined by Star Wars writer Cavan Scott who will be doing a reading from The Life Day Treasury that recently recanonised Chewie's family and Life Day into the Star Wars Universe!

This film and event is certified ’PG’. Bring your kids! We'll watch our language!

Please note that unfortunately this screening will NOT be subtitled.

Also: we will NOT be watching the full Star Wars Holiday Special. That thing is over two hours long and it is a slog!