The Golden Lion

The Golden Lion

One of Bristol's key live music pubs.

Under the same management as the infamous Old Duke pub on Bristol's harbourside, the Golden Lion is another staple live music pub in Bristol.

Live music is served every night of the week except Sundays and entry is always free except for Friday (usually £3). The Golden Lion's listings are typically jazz, funk, blues or folk based, basically their music policy is pretty varied.

The venue can be a great place to catch new projects for established Bristol musicians so it's always worth checking whats on at the Golden Lion. Unlike The Old Duke in Bristol it's a larger pub and usually fairly easy to get a table on weeknights.

What's On At The Golden Lion

Stone Cold Hustle at The Golden Lion
— The Golden Lion
— The Golden Lion
soul northern soul funk
— The Golden Lion
post-hardcore punk post-punk

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Our recent recommendations for The Golden Lion

Double demented Dead Kennedys action from Drunken Sailor gonzo chain punk darlings Chain Whip. Serving nihilistic hxc with vital spitting venom for the 1% on top of another raging Shitty Futures quadruple bill. Essential FFO: Suburban Mutilation, China White, Poison Idea, Circle Jerks. Hardcore punk up the Gloucester Road

Sell out warning! Everything Jim Jones touches turns to swampy gold. Now backed by a full horn section, he can still spew the finest punk rock blues and garage gospel with the swagger of the UK’s greatest undead Jerry Lee Lewis. In support of their brand new album "Ain't No Peril" rock n roll at its finest

Even by Shitty Futures’ standards, this is particularly ugly. Monumental crust/doom/death offering topped by nihilistic Italian stenchcore merchants Cancer Spreading and blistering speed metal crossover crusts GEV​Ä​L. Proper pack of rotters FFO: Axegrinder, Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Amebix, Deviated Instinct. Hardcore Punk, Sludge, Crust & Doom at the Golden Lion

The devil works hard but Shitty Futures work harder! Gifting us whip-fast UK82-style abrasive tradcrust from Chicago’s Mock Execution to soundtrack your mid-week chaos pit. Plus fuzzy Philly garage-hardcore from Delco MFs (ft Dark Thoughts’ Jim Shomo) and blistering Bristol stompers Gimic. FFO Destruct, Yambag, Illiterates. US hardcore punk bands in Bristol plus support

None meaner than the Deaner! If you’re still standing after the annual DLH madness, head to Golden Lion for a Shitty Future rollover ft. snotty skate punk attitude from dungeon-synth indebted eggy power-punkers Powerplant, 90s crossover grind-punk LEGENDS Disassociate (somehow blessing us from Brooklyn) + Fuk, People Eater and Havaat. Powerplant, Disassociate (US), FUK & more