The Golden Lion

One of Bristol's key live music pubs.

Under the same management as the infamous Old Duke pub on Bristol's harbourside, the Golden Lion is another staple live music pub in Bristol.

Live music is served every night of the week except Sundays and entry is always free except for Friday (usually £3). The Golden Lion's listings are typically jazz, funk, blues or folk based, basically their music policy is pretty varied.

The venue can be a great place to catch new projects for established Bristol musicians so it's always worth checking whats on at the Golden Lion. Unlike The Old Duke in Bristol it's a larger pub and usually fairly easy to get a table on weeknights.

What's On At The Golden Lion

Imploders, Layback, Gimic and Burning Cows at The Golden Lion
— The Golden Lion
post-hardcore punk post-punk
Holy Popes + I Am Drug + Belle Royals at The Golden Lion
— The Golden Lion
rock punk post-punk noise rock garage rock
Vibration Boys + Empire Of Dust + Mutilated State at The Golden Lion
— The Golden Lion
skate punk post-hardcore rock punk grunge
LONG KNIFE , FUK and DONE at The Golden Lion
— The Golden Lion
punk post-punk garage rock
NO FUTURE, ACTIVE MINDS, SANCTUS IUDA and support at The Golden Lion
— The Golden Lion
post-hardcore punk post-punk
The Maisonettes + Charley Stone + Ladye at The Golden Lion
— The Golden Lion
indie rock punk post-punk garage rock art rock
— The Golden Lion
punk post-punk noise
DROPDEAD plus supports at The Golden Lion
— The Golden Lion
post-hardcore punk post-punk sludge metal noise
Heavy Drunk + Watermelon Slim + Leonardo Guiliani at The Golden Lion
— The Golden Lion
blues-rock new orleans blues bluegrass blues delta blues
Jim Jones All Stars at The Golden Lion
— The Golden Lion
glam rock hard rock psychedelic rock stoner rock rock

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Our recent recommendations for The Golden Lion

Classic 90s street thrash/trash punkers The Restarts top a Shitty Futures Paddy’s Day whopper with caustic crusts Zero Again, blistering powerviolence from People Eater + much aggro propulsion FFO: Chaos UK, Total Chaos, Born/Dead etc etc. Playgrounds for Palestine benefit gig

Blistering crossover hxc beatdown from Quebec! Bristol’s in full support with a trio of up-and-coming punk compadres inc. the caustic and chaotic one-man screamo genius, Tension. Essential Golden Lion sweatpit FFO: Cancer Bats, Turnstile, Norma Jean, Hatebreed, Denim & Leather. Don’t Try (Canada) make their European and Bristolian debut courtesy of Just Another Music Co & Gruesifix

Evil, ethereal rawpunk so chaotic it should be in straightjackets. Fairytale are another blessed appearance from the NYC hxc circuit, here to rob you of your shin-skin alongside Leeds snotters Pleasure. Essential FFO: Anti Cimex, Poison Idea, Adrenalin O.D., Physique, the Wound, Hounds of Hate. Punk and hardcore at the Golden Lion

Is it just winter or are Shitty Futures getting nastier? Devastating experimentally-minded metalcore / brooding mathcore brutalism from Cruelty meets cathartic post-everything black-metallers Underdark at the Golden Lion for a bleak and pulverising 5 band affair. Essential FFO: Converge, Integrity, Knocked Loose, Deafheaven, Dawn Ray'd, Sadness (the band, but also the feeling). A night of Hardcore and Black Metal

Double demented Dead Kennedys action from Drunken Sailor gonzo chain punk darlings Chain Whip. Serving nihilistic hxc with vital spitting venom for the 1% on top of another raging Shitty Futures quadruple bill. Essential FFO: Suburban Mutilation, China White, Poison Idea, Circle Jerks. Hardcore punk up the Gloucester Road