Jaz Delorean & Beth Roberts at The Greenbank
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A gig on Thursday 15th February. The event starts at 19:30.

Cuculi Presents a very special double bill of sibling songwriters at The Greenbank. Jaz Delorean is a renowned pianist, vocalist and songwriter best known as the irrepressible and imaginative frontman of long-running gonzo mischief-makers Tankus the Henge. For this gig, his sister Beth Roberts steps away from her usual roles in Hands of the Heron, Hedera, Tryani Collective & House of Figs to open the night with her songs. Having grown up playing the same piano and singing the same songs in the back of the car, there's undoubtedly going to be some collaboration between the pair.

Tickets are £13, with an option to pay a bit more (£16) and an option to pay a bit less (£10). No questions asked, but please consider paying a higher tier if you can afford it - we want to ensure that there's an accessible option for those who need it, but we also need to make our gigs viable so that the artists and team get paid.


Jaz Delorean is a travelling songwriter, frontman with touring band Tankus the Henge, but also on his own at the piano.

He has a colourful past, together with a wild and wandering present. The songs that he sings and plays on the piano take inspiration from bar-room players of the Old West, the mournful melodies of his Cypriot ancestry and a patchwork of comic and tragic stories from growing up around a travelling funfair. As a solo artist, Jaz melds undertones of New Orleans jazz and blues with sounds reminiscent of a music hall on the banks of the Thames.

Strange things happen in dreams, but stranger things can happen in waking life, and Jaz Delorean has never shied away from baring his tattered soul to anyone willing to listen. He’ll pull at your heartstrings and get you dancing to the rhythms of his fingers and forgetting your own worries for a time, before skulking off into the blackness behind the neon carnival lights again.



Beth Roberts is a songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Bristol. Beth’s voice carries elements of folksong honesty and choral clarity as she weaves melodic lines over intricate fingerpicked banjo and guitar. Her songs are born from the quiet place that comes after despair, expressing a bruised acceptance of uncertainty following the deconstruction of childhood beliefs. There’s a hypnotic intimacy in her performance that invites audiences to commune with the tender parts of themselves, drawn in by her ever-shifting harmonic patterns and gently questioning lyrics.

As a solo performer, she has supported a broad spectrum of artists including Rachel Sermanni, The Magic Lantern, Martha Tilston, Solana and Haiku Salut. She also runs Cuculi Records, a DIY community label with a growing reputation for promoting grassroots music in Bristol.


Cuculi Records joins a growing number of DIY labels based in Bristol, UK. It’s a collective effort imagined by songwriters and musicians as a space to cultivate our own sound and release it independently. We’re honoured to be sharing the emerging projects dreamed into being by friends from our community, with a focus on alt-folk, poetry, ambient and contemporary classical forms – as well as beautiful sounds that don’t have a name yet. Cuculi Presents is an opportunity to hear some of our artists live, alongside some of the most exciting musicians from around the UK.


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