Cider House Blues 2023 at The Hideout
Full and social passes cover all three nights.

A event on Today. The event starts at 19:00.

YES!! Once again, Blue Mondays is here to bring you everything you love about Cider House to warm up your winter. That means that the apple pie is once again up for grabs!

- Six hours of blues dance classes
- Three nights of parties
- Great live blues musicians
- DJ's playing a mix of blues and fusion (70:30 split)

We want to take you on a tour of the best Bristol has to offer - expect squishy, switchy dancing, connecting with each other, and to see some of this lovely city we call home.


Friday 7pm-1am, The Beehive Centre, St George with LEONIE EVANS
Saturday, 8pm-4am, The Hideout, St Judes with FEMI PRECIOUS + MIKE FARRIS, plus KOSTA BURGESS
Sunday, 7.30pm-midnight, with THE WICKY WAH WAHS

All our tickets are being sold right here on Headfirst. We'll be making single night party tickets available soon! If you want a pass to the whole weekend, fill out our form ( to find the secret link.

We're a community of dancers in Bristol who meet every Monday for a blues dance class followed by a couple of hours of social dancing. Blues is a great way to get into partner dancing - with a gentle learning curve and degendered teaching, we make sure there is space for everyone. With a focus on connection and improvisation over very complex sequences of steps, we guarantee that by the end of your first session you'll be grooving to some great tunes on the social floor!