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Saturday 17th October 2020

Chop Shop: Etch Vs. Mani Festo

— The Island
Breakbeat/Jungle-tekno/Hardcore party in the jail cells of an old Victorian police station
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Our next party at The Island, with support from our very own Disaffected, features two of the hottest names in the underground right now - and this time head to head!

Club Glow's Mani Festo will take you through the first post-midnight hour, flaunting some serious hardcore and jungle heaters. The unbounded ETCH will then dazzle you with his beautiful, pleasantly unpredictable catalogue of dubs. Then, for the final hour, we've put them BACK-TO-BACK...

Expect a socially intimate night with plenty of government mandated physical dance space, elegant choppy chaos, fluid BPMs and just plain and simple fun. You won't want to miss this!

Etch began producing in his bedroom at the age of 13 after the infectious curiosity of early 00’s drum & bass, hip hop and experimental electronic music, as time developed and he carved a taste in music through garage, grime, dubstep and hip hop, he began to amalgamate his past into his productions, form the psychedelic and colourful soundscapes of The Doors, 13th Floor Elevators, Piero Umiliani, Tom Waits and to the dusty collection of his uncles records including Mo’ Wax, Metalheadz, No U Turn, Dee Jay and Moving Shadow. With a love of technicality and emotive expression via drums, bass, atmospherics and electronic intricacies, Etch set about making warm, nostalgic and backwards looking but forward facing music and has since released on Keysound, Lapsus, Sneaker Social Club, SEAGRAVE & Well Rounded to name a few. Etch's approach to DJing as as far flung as his inspirations for production, seamlessly drawing in the tearing breaks of jungle & dnb, with the half time patterns of hip hop, moving up and down BPM selections and styles creating an exciting and varied amalgamation of sounds.

Aside from this Etch has hosted numerous radio shows on Brighton based station Trickstar.fm and held a 2 year monthly slot on London’s Radar Radio as well as appearances on Rinse.fm, Reprezent.fm, Sub.fm Resonance.fm, NTS Radio & More. He co-ran label BTG with fellow producer Bulu which puts out genre defying dancefloor based music and runs his own label Altered Roads in which he releases purely his own productions that are of a more experimental nature.

Mani Festo:
With roots deep in Hardcore and Jungle, Mani Festo is a producer, DJ and visual artist unrestricted by genre or tempo. His heavyweight breakbeat sound has seen him traverse the sonic landscape of bass music releasing on labels as varied as Rupture, Swamp 81, Beat Machine Records & Durkle Disco. He runs ‘Club Glow’ alongside Denham Audio, Borai & LMajor, a label and collective that focuses on the resurgence of Rave, Acid and Breakbeat crossovers. He is ultimately responsible for the visual identity of the label and is constantly evolving and exploring new ways to bring the experience of audio and visual together.

As a DJ his relentless work ethic has seen him build momentum rapidly, a regular appearance at the legendary Rupture parties in London and bookings across the UK. Known for a diverse selection and journey like sets he is adaptable and can react to any situation. As part of the rotation of DJ’s on the Club Glow Balamii show you can hear him testing new productions and unreleased dubplates alongside the rest of the crew on the first Saturday of every month.

The unstoppable breakbeat duo have gone from strength to strength since their formation, with successful self-releases including a scorching bootleg of Tessela's Hackney Parrot, and releases on the lively Leeds label 199 and the breakbeat collective All Colours, to name a few without any premature spoilers! Except them to play some old-school-rave-inspired gems as well as some unreleased clangers.

We'll be hosting this event beneath Bristol's streets, in the jail cells of the old Victorian police station. The Island is a venue that consistently fronts the best of the underground scene, and in a completely unique setting.

We'll be bringing Greenshift Productions along for the same levels of production you've come to expect.

See you on the dance-floor.

[[Strobe lighting, smoke and lasers will be in use at this event. We are working with The Island to ensure social distancing guidelines are adhered to, whatever form they may take come October. Should the event be postponed, there will be the option of either a full refund or rolling the tickets on to the new date.]]

Artist Videos:

Tessela - Hackney Parrot (Disaffected Bootleg)

Artist Audio:

SoundCloud - ETCH
SoundCloud - Mani Festo
SoundCloud - Disaffected
Mani Festo
bandcamp - Mani Festo

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