Generation Electric Exhibition at The Island
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A event held at The Island on Saturday 27th January. The event starts at 10:00.

The exhibit, named "Generation Electric," will seek to delve into the role of today's youth as cultural catalysts. The exhibition will delve into the meaning of creativity in today's culture and how the displaying artists’ own cultural background has influenced their creative outputs and also the identities of the people/ideas they document. This will be explored via a range of artists and photographers from fine artists to documentary style photographers to fashion photographers. This exhibit will explore themes such as self expression, femme, rave and youth culture.

In collaboration with Photographique and Fierce & Noble.
Please follow @generationelectricexhibit for further details about the event and to see introductions about the artists that are exhibiting their work.

The Gallery Space
The Island
Bridewell Street, 1st floor

27th January 2024