Quade - Nacre Album Launch w/ O.G Jigg & Foot Foot at The Island
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"Colossal album launch for post-folk post-rockers Quade, graduating to tastemakers AD 93 (Coby Sey, Moin etc) and surely now into the hearts of all the heads outside BSX. Quade conjure a sound you didn’t know existed til the first note hits - think Slint playing a Deadwood baptism, or Talk Talk re-scoring Westworld and you’re almost there."

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A gig held at The Island on Thursday 23rd November. The event starts at 19:30.

Quade launch their debut album 'Nacre' in style at The Island with support from O.G Jigg & Foot Foot.

‘Nacre’ is the culmination of three years of work from the band, the blueprints of their song writing and sound firmly established in the sprawling, haunting and yet hopeful record. Traipsing between gothic expansiveness and cosmic psychedelia, the record cannot be pinned down into one recognisable place. By the album’s close, the listener may be left wondering whether it was all a memory or a dream.

O.G. jigg:

O. G. Jigg bastardises the folk and early music canon in an anti-achademic mush of re-interpritation and original devilry. A member of the shadowy 'Pheasantry Society' and with releases via Bristol's PLAQUE label, and featuring on the new 'Time Is Away' vinyl comp for Efficient Space, along with features on Folklore Tapes, Tax Free Records and various self-released cassettes and vinyl, Jigg is slowly developing a folklore all his own, born from the chalk downloads of his native Dorset and carried on the dragons back from his current residence in Wales.

foot foot:

Lo-fi art prog 5 piece, foot foot dance around pastoral, indie-flecked math-folk and discordant, post-rock while never quite settling on either. FFO: Movietone, bar italia, Swirlies, The Sonora Pine etc.

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