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Friday 1st April 2022

Ruth Theodore (+band), John Langan - Ship of Fools

— The Lightship Theatre
Music and frolics from two incredible musicians and songwriters; lively, lovingly crafted, and just really good
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*Event in association with Cabot Cruising Club*

Ruth Theodore's music, as original music often does, sits somewhere between genres. Or maybe she's just melted her diverse interests together so well that you end up with something shiny new and elemental. Ruth's lyrics are poetry in their own right, and her rhythmic guitar skills will get your toes a-tapping... the band will be there to help with that too, as she embarks on a last little tour before flying across the atlantic to record her 5th studio album

John Langan will be supporting with a solo set. More usually seen getting everyone dancing like crazy at festivals, this is an opportunity to hear his crystal clear and direct musical sensibilities in a purer form. And some silliness too.

Doors at 8pm, live music from 9pm, and a few fun extras too...

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Ruth Theodore
Ruth Theodore
Ruth Theodore (+band), John Langan - Ship of Fools at The Lightship Theatre in Bristol
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