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Friday 17th December 2021

Saffron Christmas Party w/ rRoxymore

— The Love Inn
rRoxymore & Saffron all-stars unite for an extra special xmas bash!
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“It’s a whole new rRoxymore since she last graced Love Inn five years ago. Catch her breathtaking evolution from abrasive techno to more melodic, psychedelic territory backed by a star-studded Saffron Records b2b showcase. ”
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The escalating impacts of COVID on our staff and wider team mean that the Xmas party plans for this Friday have had to change. With so many of us afflicted at the moment it is not going to be possible to run things as we originally intended.

The club night at The Love Inn will still go ahead, but in a different form: rRoxymore, Ellie Stokes and Manami will be DJing, but it will no longer be the official Saffron Xmas party. We hope to be able to run something in the new year as a full crew.

Please be safe - mask up, do lateral flows, respect each other’s space.

Saffron x

Artist Videos:

Rroxymore Boiler Room Berlin Live Set
rRoxymore - Forward Flamingo

Artist Audio: