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Saturday 15th January 2022

Tia Cousins w/ Balouu & Lawi Anywar

— The Love Inn
A guaranteed big night in The Inn!
price: £6 before 12, £8 after


We are extremely excited to welcome Tia Cousins to The Inn, her sphere of the music spectrum being described in her @djmag Bubblers section last year as ‘noisy post-punk and krautrock with left-field pop and chugging downtempo’.
Tia has been described as a dj who points toward her ‘off-kilter repertoire’, with her slick shows on @nts, @balami & @narrradio -which is something we aim to always triumph here at the venue. The more obscure, the better, here at The Inn when it comes to unearthing new talent in the world of chug.

Coming along for the ride are @lawi & @Balouu. They both swim in Tia’s waters with their take on djing and record collecting, which is glaringly apparent on their @noodsradio shows.
Lawi's show (under his collectives name @fruitmachine) cycles through jazz, ambient, and prog rock- pieced together wholeheartedly. While Balouu could be considered similar, but on the tip of bringing off the wall, head-banging new wave goodness ft. a whole heap of 80’s inspired dancefloor stomp, guitar riffs, and catchy vocal hooks.

Artist Videos:

Bside Episode 27: Tia Cousins
Tia Cousins b2b Blixa / 3rd April / 6-7pm
Balouu - Crypto 3000 [Audio]
Lawi Anywar - Grey Tints (Official Video)

Artist Audio:

Lawi Anywar