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Friday 2nd February 2018

Horning Glory

— The Steam Crane
The maddest, baddest, illest, brassiest squad you've ever heard!
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After our kickass series of Christmas gigs in December, Horning Glory are back in The Steam Crane bringing the loudest, brassiest, feel good vibes in Bristol!

Head on down to North Street to hear a mix of new orleans, funk and even some classic britpop!

Hailing from downtown Bath ‘Horning Glory’ play the duttiest brand of hardcore, sexed up brass you’re ever likely to hear.

Known as rule breakers their crazy exploits involve ‘cheating’ in a battle of the bands and getting a Scotsman to flash his kn*b in front of a large crowd.

Their music has been described as timeless, somewhat like radiator pants or a hangover pi*s

Event photos for Horning Glory:

Horning Glory at The Steam Crane
Horning Glory in Bristol 2018

Artist Videos:

Horning Glory Promo
Horning Glory at The Pig and Fiddle Bath
Horning Glory at The Steam Crane in Bristol
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