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Saturday 23rd February 2019

Breakfast Records presents Langkamer + Ead Wood

— The White Rabbit
A night of lush indie rock to beckon in the Spring
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Winter had been hard. Like skunks surviving on their fat stores, the townspeople were staying inside, shuddering, sheltering, shivering behind drafty wooden walls. Drinking themselves into oblivion. One day, when the sky seemed darker than ever, a man came down out through the mountain pass and appeared at the northern edge of the town. The echoes of his horses’ hooves reverberated rhythmically above the deafening silence that smothered the streets. As if by a sweep of some divine hand, the clouds were clearing. The sun, so long a stranger, revealed itself. It beamed down upon the man. It came into people’s homes through cracks and shutters. Slowly, as if waking from sleep, the townspeople came to their doors, shuffling out into the streets.
Look! They cried. It’s Langkamer!
Tears streamed down their faces. They were smiling. Laughing.
Winter was over.

Langkamer + Ead Wood.
February 23rd.
More supports TBA.
£4 advance.

Artist Audio:

Langkamer - Henry Creek - Breakfast Records
Langkamer - The Earthquake - Breakfast Records
Langkamer - Hotel Hello - Breakfast Records
Ead Wood
Ignored - Ead Wood
Oceans - Ead Wood

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Breakfast Records presents Langkamer + Ead Wood at The White Rabbit in Bristol
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