Multi-functional BS2 venue

A “multi-dimensional creative playground”, 395 is a gallery, workshop and studio space doubling as a 180 capacity events venue, situated alongside the Jam Jar in the Old Malt House.

What's On At 395

395 Fundraiser Event at 395
— 395
bassline techno trance jungle world
Oka Anumpuli: Real Bodies Exhibition at 395
— 395
lgbtq+ exhibition food & drink
EYD 5th Anniv w/ HEMPTOTE, Johnny Piras, TORRE at 395
— 395
hardcore techno techno industrial techno festival
SAMSON, Kwakz + Teddy Trillion at 395
— 395
hip hop underground hip hop old school hip hop rap trap music

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Our recent recommendations for 395

395 needs you! After amassing a dedicated DIY creative community, they now need to raise £24k by the end of the year to keep their licence. Come rally round this all day craft and makers session + late night acid/tekno/jungle/donk-fest and spill a few ££££s for the cause. 395 Fundraiser Event at 395.

Stone cold classic anime screening meets red hot BBQ at 395 creative space. Angel’s Egg is a towering and desolate surrealist masterpiece full of mystical imagery, haunting dream landscapes and cryptic existential quandaries. Surely one of the greatest poetic experiments in all of science fiction. Angel's Egg Anime screening in a gallery space

Unwind and unravel in the dystopian soundworld of Tiercore! Part apocalyptic post-dance chill-out room part counter-historical AV installation, Rogueart’s creeping industrial ambient will transport you to a daring future you’ve only glimpsed in dreams. Rogueart, former designer of Wake The Tiger, exhibits all his sound, projection and his 'Tierical Unit'

Golden age boom-bap coming at you directly from Rhode Island! The Obz channels hazy and breezy feels from coast to coast (think Mobb Deep, Hieroglyphics or Joey Bada$$) with support from the low-riding trap stylings of Prince Alfy and Gen Co. BRINGING FLOWS FROM THE US TO THE UK !

Free entry / PWYC! The psychoactive ‘self-medicating’ mental health revolution is here (thanks NHS waiting lists). Keyhole blow this secret wide open with interactive AV installations, information stalls on mycology and psychedelic therapy, book swaps + talks on ibogain, ayahuasca and psilocybin healing. Join us for the 2nd in the KeyHole series: bringing together a collection of artists showing works relating to psychedelics.