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Sat 8th/02/2014

4 Seasons 009

— Timbuk2
4 Seasons 009: Trikk & Edmondson
price: £3/5/6


4 Seasons 009 08.02.14 TB2, Bristol

Trikk & Edmondson

Resident Advisor Advance Tickets: http://goo.gl/ivmcSi

Trikk - 90 MINUTE SET

(Hypercolour/ Glass Table/Man Make Music/Pets Recordings)


One of Oport's finest exports, a city that it's getting known as a great incubator of underground movements and the ultimate inspirational city for musicians of the most obscure subgenres.

Bruno was praised as a young talent, embraced by so many as the new star to look out for, and after releasing on labels such as Terrain Ahead, Hypercolour, Spagat Music, Container, Hotflush and Man Make Music (and generating a great buzz on the internet as a result) nothing was left to prove. As a personal challenge, he moved to London where he now spends his days producing music on the street, telling the stories of all the people he sees with a 4x4 beat and deep punchy basslines, Bruno explores mainly the house aesthetics in brainy tracks, wisely composed, is fast, slow, rough and smooth.

Young, courageous and unique: a true member of today's talents of the underground.

We are extremely excited to have Trikk for his first ever set in Bristol.

Edmondson - 90 MINUTE SET

(Hypercolour/Glass Table/Mindset Records/EMF)


Edmondson first came onto the radar of Electro Magnetic Fields [EMF] a record label comprised of Indigo and Synkro, the duo behind Mindset two years ago after sending them an untitled track that later became known as'Peckham'. The label aims to'fuse deep sub bass with technical rhythms and really clean percussion, ' a mix which Edmondson's sound fits the bill. The pair behind EMF were spurred on to work with Edmondson and quickly got talking about a release.

In one of his recent tracks'Til It's Gone, ' that he describes is'like a grey Sunday in England, ' he softly infuses his deep bass sounds with an ambient undertone, elements which often appear in his tracks. His approach is'to try and give them their own texture and personality rather than just making a dancefloor track'.

Edmondson released his four-track debut EP titled'EMF:003' on September 27th 2013 through Electro Magnetic Fields. Influenced by the likes of'Akkord, Troy Gunner, Djrum, Pedestrian, Lapalux, Gerry Read', artists which he believes'consistently put out interesting music which has longevity and side-stepped the obvious'.

Starting the new year as he means to go on, his latest offering'Chesnut Ave' has just been released on Hypercolour Records.

We are extremely excited to have Edmondson for his first ever set in Bristol.

Advance Tickets:


Super Early-Bird - £3

Early-Bird - £5

Standard Advance - £6



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