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Sunday 17th July 2022

A Boat Trip with Heartwood Chorus

— Tower Belle, Bristol Harbourside
Join us for a 2 hour boat trip in the heart of Bristol Harbour Festival 2022
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Join Bristol folk choir Heartwood Chorus for a magical, musical Harbourside boat trip on a Summer Sunday evening.

Enjoy the harmonies as you eat, drink and soak up the unique atmosphere of the Harbour Festival on board the iconic Tower Belle.

The wonderful Heartwood Chorus will sing two sets for you. Their unique arrangements of songs of love and loss, war and peace, rebellion, protest and pigeons will be followed by a special rousing set of Sea Shanties (audience participation welcome, if that's your thing - a lyric booklet will be available).

The acoustics of singing out on the water are very special. The sound will bounce across the surface and collect with gorgeous reverberance under bridges.

If you want to be in the middle of things at the festival, and yet somehow luxuriously detached, this might be just the ticket.

A full bar and cakes will be available to buy.

The Tower Belle is operated by Bristol Packet Tours, who have been commissioned to run this trip on behalf of Heartwood.


Event photos for A Boat Trip with Heartwood Chorus:

A Boat Trip with Heartwood Chorus at Tower Belle, Bristol Harbourside
A Boat Trip with Heartwood Chorus in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

U Lisi / Ой у лісі (In the Woods, a traditional Ukrainian folk song)
King of Rome, Bristol Folk Festival, St George's, 1st May 2022

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A Boat Trip with Heartwood Chorus at Tower Belle, Bristol Harbourside in Bristol
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