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Saturday 24th February 2018

Cosmic Soul Collective Art Exhibition La

— Twos Company Bristol Limited
Organic Experimental Expression
price: See event details



We have carefully selected 7 talented artists to create custom made pieces inspired by the chosen theme; movement, spirit, growth, to feature for a week long exhibition held at Twos Company, Old Market.

We will be hosting a launch party for this exhibition followed by a live music event at Exchange Bristol, celebrating in true cosmic style for our 1st birthday!

The Artists presenting their work will be as follows...

Lola Ives~

Lola finds depth and meaning through her creativity. Underpinning and understanding realms of her imagination and its connection to the the vast universe and translating these ideas through the forms of illustration, printmaking and mixed media textiles. Lola is inspired by ideas relating to microcosm and macrocosm, our individual relationship to Spirit and subconscious exploration. She will be offering a range of art works which explore what movement, spirit and growth mean to her.

Beatriz Leonardo~

Falling from a faraway meteor onto this Earth, a small girl attempts to reproduce her memories of space aliens and masked creatures using simple black lines and a fluidity of colour. Get ready to get lost in a world of circles, squares and astral forms of all kinds, where all that is ephemeral is forever.

Keira Saunders~

Kiera is an abstract artist currently study Fine Art in Edinburgh. She looks upon juxtaposing positions within geometric forms and shapes. She is also interested by the inclusion or non-inclusion of colour and how colour can deform through light. For this exhibition, she will be looking at movement through sound, visually expressing her ideas about music through art.

Sonny Barthley~

Sonny is a Bristol based photographer. He is currently working on a self portrait project that consists of constructing his body in different positions, exploring the way our bodies can reflect shapes and tangibility. This current work has drawn Sonny to the word 'movement' for this Exhibition and will be exploring what it means visually and physically. After attending a Pop Art exhibition in Paris, he is feeling inspired to create movement through playing around with shape and form within his images, working true to his style with bold colours.

Leila Mead~

Leila has recently graduated from Bristol UWE where she received a BA (Hons) In Drawing and Print. Although she is a keen artist for most methods, her main drive in her creativity lies with printmaking. Specifically screen printing. Leila's work is an expression of colour, form and movement. Through carefully orchestrated colour combinations and drawings, she attempts to convey a sensuality and fluidity in my prints. Through her work, she wants to celebrate the feminine nude, and invite the viewer to appreciate the curves, shapes and colours that they represent. Leila focuses on vintage colour palettes as her main source of inspiration, seventies and sixties textile designs in particular.

Tasha Glynn~

Tasha's work explores the relationship between mankind and the natural world. She is fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of the human condition and our place within nature.
With influences as varied as The Chapman Brothers and Charles Darwin, new combinations are synthesised from both traditional and modern sources via the means of digital collage.
This body of work specifically explores the ethical, welfare and social issues that surround genetic engineering. Tasha's work is a testament to the inaccuracies of our future

Expect a night of experimentation within art and music... Watch this space for more developments and make sure you keep the date free for a night to remember!



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