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Theatrical electro-punk spectacle from Helsinki oddballs Muovipussi. Combining hellish prosthetics, baseball bats, bright lights and live music something like Peaches and AFX scoring a reboot of the Warriors (....at the circus). Must be seen to be believed….. Grandmas, Barbies and growling metalheads melt together in an exciting mix of beauty, skill, comedy, and darkness.

Sell out warning! The innovative, creative physical theatre experts at Ockham’s Razor give a modern feminist circus spin on Hardy’s radical tale of privilege, class, poverty and female desire. A groundbreaking circus adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

Surreal acrobatics and circus-filled dystopia awaits you as the peerless Invisible Circus bids adieu to its creative hub, Unit 15, with one last hurrah. Expect immersive social commentary mixed with jaw-dropping trapeze in this 5 night exercise of exploratory, vaudeville, unmissable worldbuilding. Disappear... with The Invisible Circus

Sell out warning! Another PWYC performance art wonder from Mayk. Just when you think you’ve seen it all before…..Forge combines live welding and sound art to explore the politics of monuments through a durational recreation of Dachau’s stolen ‘welcome’ gate. A powerful durational installation exploring who memorials are for and what happens to places where traumatic events take place.