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A gig on Saturday 25th November. The event starts at 19:00.


Zahra is a musician, composer, performer and award-winning director of the Young Women’s Music Project. She is based in Oxford where she was born and raised as a second-generation immigrant, her father having emigrated to the UK from Iran and her mother being Irish. Thoughts on identity run as an undercurrent through her creative process as she connects the different cultures she embodies. Her previous body of work centered around Zahra’s reflections on the experience of immigration and the existence of cultures which are worlds apart. She wove in samples from Iranian ballads, lullabies from her Irish mother and Iranian grandmother, and sounds of her son that have been collected as he grows up, pockets of childhood captured in the quiet moments.

For You celebrates creativity triumphing in adversity. The tour aims to bring together musicians of all gender minorities of diverse cultural heritage, who are more vulnerable to experiences of marginalisation in the music industry, to showcase new music written in response to liberation from an abusive relationship.

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