QueerTech Reading Group at Watershed
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"Free entry radical tech / cultural studies reading and discussion group perfect for sci-fi queers and allies. This edition hones in on extracts from Queen Ursula Le Guin’s non-fiction and McKenzie Wark’s provocative Hacker Manifesto."

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A event held at Watershed on Tuesday 19th September. The event starts at 18:00.

QueerTech Bristol is back this September with a collaboration with Bristol Uni’s Future Speculations Reading Group. The reading group engages with the methodologies of scholars, artists and writers to explore shifting patterns of creative relations between humans, machines and technologies. The aim is to imagine potentials for creative community technologies, whilst addressing the blurred divides between digital and analogue, real and virtual, and online and offline.

Join us for a low-key discussion of two short texts (we'll share a link to download them in the email with your tickets, so please check your inbox!):

// Hacker Manifesto by McKenzie Wark //

* We will be reading the Hacker part beginning from 071.

McKenzie Wark is a pioneer in new media theory, spanning from the 90s until now with Gamer Theory, Molecular Red Reverse Cowgirl, Philosophy for Spiders, Capital is Dead and Sensoria and more. Her most recent book on Raving is an account of the queer and trans raving scene. In 2004, her book Hacker Manifesto was published, redefining what it means to hack.

This is the slightly heavier of the two texts, but don’t worry- this will be an opportunity for us to reflect on our own experiences and thoughts on hackers- from the 90s, in pop culture, radical hackers, how we can do tiny hacks ourselves to manage the volatility of capitalism.

// The Real World of Technology Ursula Franklin //

* We will be reading chapter 1

For Franklin, technology was much more than machines, gadgets or electronic transmitters. It was a comprehensive system that includes methods, procedures, organization, "and most of all, a mindset". We will be reading from The Real World of Technology, which is based on her 1989 Massey Lectures.

Everyone is welcome to this meetup, no prior experience or knowledge necessary! We’ll just be having an informal chat about the themes and thoughts that arise from the two texts.


// Location //

We'll be in the PM Studio at the Watershed. It’s accessible by stairs or lift, but is a bit hidden away in the building, so here’s some directions - if you get stuck ask a member of staff where the PM Studio is:
* Go to the cafe/bar
* When looking at the bar, you’ll see some double doors to the left of it
* Go through these double doors, past the toilets. Follow the corridor further along and there will be a doorbell to ring for the PM Studio

We will email out a contact email before the event so please check your spam folder!
There is water and tea-making facilities at the studio. You're welcome to bring your own food and drink or buy them at the bar.

// About QueerTech Bristol //

QueerTech Bristol is a monthly meetup for queer people and allies who work with/in/around technology. All disciplines are welcome, from coders to copywriters, designers to dj's.