Queer Practices and Creative Technologies at Wickham Theatre
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A event on Saturday 25th November. The event starts at 12:30.

How can we make sense of the technologies around us through creative practices and queer insights? Organised by Katy Dadacz (University of Bristol), Francesco Bentivegna (University of Bristol), in collaboration with Control Shift.

This two-day event offers a space for queer people interested in or practicing with creative technologies.

Saturday 25th November
10.30: Trans Pride March- meet outside Tesco Express (optional)
12.30-13.15: Lunch (provided)
13.15-15.15: Sound and Vision: Making Our Own Networks
15.15-15.30: Break
15.30-16.30: methods/sdohtem

Workshop Details

Sound and Vision- Building Our Own Networks ran by Harriet Horobin-Worley

Secret codes, mailing lists, telephone lines, WhatsApp groups - queer people have been making, breaking and hacking communication networks for hundreds of years. At a time when the climate emergency threatens the sustainability of Big Tech, and the geo-political climate makes our reliance on the whims of billionaires even more precarious, how can we ensure our community’s technological resilience?

This workshop will provide a space to interrogate the infrastructure that we use to build community, and the tools to imagine and partake in a new network. In the first half we will look at the hidden structures of the networks we use and some alternative methods of building DIY communication networks, including the basics of how pirate radio stations work. In the second half participants will be given prompts to create their own audio piece which will be published as part of a digital audio/visual piece online.

The event is perfect for anyone curious about radio, the internet or community building.
No technical knowledge or experience is required.

methods/sdohtem by MELT

Our work centers practices coming from Disability Justice and Trans*feminisms upholding ways of worlding that construct structures to make our flowing possible and dismantles ableist assumptions. Through playing with methods like starting twice, talking twice, undoing binaries, describing carefully, naming needs, reading nonlinearly and engaging with material agencies we will share methods|sdohtem that answer for us the question: How do we set up a value based practice?

These workshops are free; participants can get a ticket for either Saturday or Sunday, or both. We ask participants to be mindful as this is a queer space; welcoming of all genders and decidedly anti-racist and anti-ableist, there is no room for -isms such as: classism, misogyny, ageism, religious discrimination or any other form of discrimination and oppression.

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