Queer Practices and Creative Technologies at Wickham Theatre
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A event on Sunday 26th November. The event starts at 11:00.

How can we make sense of the technologies around us through creative practices and queer insights? Organised by Katy Dadacz (University of Bristol), Francesco Bentivegna (University of Bristol), in collaboration with Control Shift.

This two-day event offers a space for queer people interested in or practicing with creative technologies.

Sunday 26th November
11.00-13.00 What is VTubing and How do I Make it Gay? ran by Yudi Wu
13.00-14.00 Lunch (provided)
14.00-15.00 Open Forum

Workshop Details

What is VTubing and How do I Make it Gay? ran by Yudi Wu

How could the extremely online queer people contribute to their local queer community? How could local queer communities benefit from the digital world? This 2-hour workshop investigate this problem through a seemingly unlikely approach, VTubing.

Inspired by the 2000s queer icons, the queer communities in VR Chat & VTuber world, and Bristol's wonderful local queer scene, this workshop invites you to imagine a VTuber (virtual entertainer) who can empower the local queer community. Expect a quick VTubing 101, world-building & character-building, and getting your hands on a few tech things.

No prior skills are needed. Both those who are extremely online, and those who are hyper-local, are welcomed. Please bring a laptop if you have one. Ideally one that runs on Windows 10, but something else is also fine!

Open Forum

An open discussion with MELT, Control Shift, Queer Tech Meet Up, artists, practitioners and workshop participants to reflect on what we have learnt, what futures we can imagine, and create a set of demands that bring queerness to the forefront of reinventing creative technologies.

These workshops are free; participants can ‘buy’ a ticket for either Saturday or Sunday, or both. We ask participants to be mindful as this is a queer space; welcoming of all genders and decidedly anti-racist and anti-ableist, there is no room for -isms such as: classism, misogyny, ageism, religious discrimination or any other form of discrimination and oppression.

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