Performance: Radio Garden Improvisation at Windmill Hill City Farm
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A event on Sunday 28th July. The event starts at 17:30.

// TRANSMISSIONS: radio art lab //
A weekend of events exploring radio art, sound art, eco-acoustics, theremins, detoxifying gardens, subversive streaming, pond dipping, weather instruments, listening together.


Come and celebrate the weekend of TRANSMISSIONS: radio art lab in The Garden Theatre with a lineup of experimental and improvised performances, many developed during the weekend of workshops and installations.


“Our Radio Orchestra” led by Matt Davies (with workshop participants)
Bristol Communal Modular - Theremin improvisation (with workshop participants)
Plant bio-sonification improvisation with Thawney's RUMMAGE device
Instant Public Address Systems by Lia Mazzari
Participatory live performance exploring Software Defined Radio (SDR) led by Matthew Olden
Amplified interventions in the Radio Air Garden with Magz Hall

About “Our Radio Orchestra” led by Matt Davies
A performance for 6 radios, 12 operators and one TV. Inspired by John Cage's: Imaginary Landscape No. 4 (1951), devised and performed by Workshop Participants - sign up to the workshop to join in.

About Bristol Communal Modular “Theremins”
An improvisation by a flock of Theremins, freshly built in a BCM workshop. A theremin is a musical instrument played with the space between your hand and a radio antenna. Sign up to the workshop to join in

About “Rummage” by Thawney
Rummage is a unique Biodata Eurorack Module that acts like a plant whisperer. By connecting it to a plant or any biological entity, Rummage captures the tiny electrical signals generated by the plant using a galvanometer. It then translates these signals into a trio of Note CV and Gate outputs, a raw PWM Biodata square wave, a wobbly CV output, and even a MIDI out, creating a fascinating blend of nature and music. This module allows you to bring the organic rhythms of the natural world into your modular setup, creating a truly botanical boogie.

About “Instant Public Address Systems” by Lia Mazzari
Lia's installation will become part of the fabric of this evenings performance by weaving in the sounds from a temporary network of live audio streams amplify and connect us to not-so-distant natural and urban sites in Bristol

About “Software Defined Radio” by Matthew Olden
Following his talk and demo about Subversive Streaming, Matthew will set up a number of Raspberry Pi computers to tune in to global radio signals using Software Defined Radio to create a live, improvised international radio-glitch-mix.

About "Radio Air Garden" by Magz Hall
The electro-culture copper coils that form part of Magz Hall's installation take on a new sonic lease of life as they are amplified and played live, cross-pollinating with the aeolian antenna activated by the wind.

Main Image - Radio Air Garden, Magz Hall


This performance will take place in The Garden Theatre at Windmill Hill City Farm.

Philip Street
Bristol BS3 4EA


With thanks to Windmill Hill City Farm.

This performance was made possible by the West of England Visual Arts Alliance (WEVAA) supported by Arts Council England.

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