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Thursday 17th February 2022

Fancy That: Unplugged Sessions

— Zed Alley
Fancy That Events presents: Jodie Mellor, Daniel Quinton and Callum Ettrick.
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Fancy That Events presents a night of unplugged and acoustic live music. Expect live music from:

Jodie Mellor
Stripping down the frilly world of pop to its bare bones is Bristol-based singer-songwriter, Jodie Mellor. Her raw vocals and honest tales of being a herbal tea enthusiast in a world of pornstar martinis is refreshing of a new, feel-good age, with hints of genre nostalgia.

Daniel Quinton
An up and coming Yeovil-based indie acoustic artist rooted in folk. Daniel Quinton carries a childlike whimsicality to a more serious narrative that he projects through his songs. He sings from the anxieties to the comforts of life in a vulnerable yet hopeful style making for a melancholic infused listen.

As a 22-year-old finds his way, the wistful troubadour is swiftly making his way into the music scene, bolstering his sound into the future of indie-folk.

Callum Ettrick
Callum Ettrick is a singer/songwriter from Gloucestershire, with a range of influences from the last 70 years of pop and rock music. His style is a blend of Americana and indie rock, with a strong emphasis on an energetic live performance and storytelling.

Location: Zed Alley, Host Street, Bristol, BS1 5AE.
Doors: 7:30pm

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Instagram: @fancythatevent

Artist Videos:

Best Part of Me - Ed Sheeran ft Yebba / Cover by Jodie Mellor and Charlie Tyrrell Smith

Artist Audio:

Jodie Mellor
Daniel Quinton
Shaun Reynolds
Fancy That: Unplugged Sessions at Zed Alley in Bristol
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