Locked in at 395 studios
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A gig on Saturday 25th November. The event starts at 19:00.

Kingsmaketa is a young Bristol born and raised artist, with a passion for music from the underground/mainstream Uk scene, to American underground/ mainstream rap/ hip-hop and many more genres.
For a small artist he has the most supportive family in the scene and loves seeing them display their amazing talents, which you can be witness to.
This inspires him to do so much more with his own music.
His discography showcases versatility with his lyrical abilities and musical knowledge.
So he decided to put together some of the best of the best in the Bristol scene right now ,into this event as a joint birthday celebration for himself 4fronto & Sabodi to enjoy themselves have fun and show Bristol what each person has to display and offer the scene.
those artists include :
Teddy Good
Kwazi w/ Brizzybleeks, indigo 48 & pratty
Shaks with guest from London: Pozzy
HM & Elijah Somefing
And Ohmein from London with guests ,
Fendii Trapp Manchester and Hawsa from Saudi Arabia

With clothing being sold from 395, by Blu&Maron with his own clothing and other brands such as spoken evil and tarawa having pop up stands for the event only!

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