Basement 45

Basement 45

Underground dance music venue in Bristol's city centre.

Since opening its doors in February 2009, Basement 45's stature and importance to the underground music scene of Bristol has steadily grown. While established promoters such as Crazy Legs, Bedlam and The Blast have drawn large crowds to the venue, newer promoters including Torque, Applepips and Abstractions have developed their own audiences and given Basement 45 an identity.

Whats on at Basement 45 is a mixture of d&b nights, dubstep, UK funky, techno and house. Fridays are generally the preserve of dnb while Saturdays go across the board depending on the promoter.

Like Timbuk2 the club is cavernous, with low ceilings and arched gangways. The venue's distinctive main room is a large arched tunnel with the DJ booth and PA at one end and a bar at the other. When full it optimises the traditional Bristol sweat box. The second room is adjacent separated by a large seating area. With a 300 capacity, the club offers a balance between size and intimacy.

What's On At Basement 45

— Basement 45
uk garage drum and bass jump up
— Basement 45
breakbeat techno industrial techno drum and bass
Safe As F*ck at Basement 45
— Basement 45
house techno breakbeat trance happy hardcore
WE 'R' ACID at Basement 45
— Basement 45
acid house techno trance hardstyle
Rave Revival Bristol at Basement 45
— Basement 45
acid house chicago house breakbeat

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The only UK rap clubnight that matters invites Tottenham’s soundbwoi Reek0 to Basement 45 for the illest grime and ‘you gotta know before everyone else knows’ vibes. Bolstered by Bristol’s unruly riddim king OH91, it’s a huge look for fans of: Pearly Whites / Lemzly Dale, Boofy, Royal-T, Kahn & Neek, Notion, Spooky, Rudekid. The best in UK rap, grime and garage. Live.

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Serious dance music heads please avoid this debut night of….well, stupid silly hardcore. 2 room adventure spread of acid hardtek madness, Tchaikovsky donk sacrelige and nightcore4totalsluts™. Main Room - Tek/Tribe/Acid/Mental || Second Room - Night-core/Donk