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Saturday 30th July 2022


— Basement 45
price: Headfirst Tickets


Yes then people!
On July the 30th we will be bringing you a night packed with deep rave cuts, hard hitting breakbeats and rumbling sub bass with some of Bristols most prolific underground artists and DJs, playing along side some of the finest talent from Devon, London and Leeds. Expect dark energetic beats, deep from a turntablists collection, alongside tracks fresh from the production line made and with razor sharp precision. Super limited £5 tickets available, don’t miss out. See you there.

//DJ AZURE - Newskool selector keeping it oldskool. Connoisseur breakbeat and jungle. All vinyl.
//PIXL - Breakbeat scientist.
//SLIM SINNA - Rave specialist. Spanning everything from hardcore acid techno, to jungle, to gabber.
//ARTIFICIAL RED - With dubplates still warm from the cutting house, an audibly stunning set of releases on 3AM Eternal, Omertà and Kiwis and Coconuts and forthcoming music on Western Lore and Shall Not Fade (just to name a few), Artificial Red will be sure to leave speakers rattling and an imprint on the night. One hand firmly in the oldskool and another proudly bearing the torch for the scene.
//COURTICE - Razor sharp jungle producer. Fresh from tearing up Balter Festival.
//NO NATION - Expect heavy hitting beautifully crafted tunes from himself and some of the finest artists jungle has to offer.
//DJ ENDO - Oldskool turntablist dedicated to the art form, drawing the finest breakbeat and jungle from his collection, spanning over a decade.
//R-HAWK - Master selector pulling tunes straight from the golden era. Not one to miss.
//DJ BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE - 1993-95 selections.
//EL-TUNCHI - Protector of the Amazon. Legend says it is a demon or a spirit that patrols through the rainforest at night. It is the protector of nature and a lost soul condemned to walk around the same paths walked when alive . It collects the souls of those who died in the jungle and takes the lives of those who harm it. One that must be seen to be believed.
//BUGSY - Fresh London talent showcasing his skills. A keen musical ear used to deliver energetic productions and attention grabbing DJ sets.

Event photos for EUPHORIKA 001:

EUPHORIKA 001 at Basement 45
EUPHORIKA 001 in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

Distant Planet @ Venue M.O.T. DJ Azure - 7th March 2020
Slim Sinna Darkside Mix

Artist Audio:

bandcamp - Pixl
After Dark Radio Guest Mix - R Hawk - 06 Jul 2021 - DJ R-Hawk
bandcamp - SLIM SINNA
bandcamp - Artificial Red