"Body +" Participative Workshop & Performance at Boomtown Fair 2022 - Rebel Girls Club Venue, Downtown Village
Free entry

A event on Thursday 11th August. The event starts at 17:30.

“Body +” is an ambitious new project exploring our collective and individual response to the challenging present-day beauty standards as an undesirable social construct.
Direct by the artists Francesca Citarella & Eunice da Silva, this workshop will explore with participants the ideas that inspired the creation process to devise together an original performative action. This will include experiential exercises based on an investigation into movement, breath, perception, observation and imagination.
Using movement as the main communicator of questions and ideas, the directors invite the participants and audience to embark on a self-exploratory journey of the being. Following the model of the ancient Greek tragedies, the performers are invited to look deeply into their own personal stories and unmask the self-destructive mechanisms of society they have absorbed, aiming toward a poetic search for liberation, authenticity and catharsis. What external ideas and procedures do we allow in our bodies? What masks, status symbols, marks, scars and traumas do we add to our biographies and carry subconsciously in our bodies? Body + is ultimately a celebration of diversity and an acceptance manifesto of what makes us who we are.

Francesca and Eunice see this project as a public, work-in-progress piece where everyone can participate, without any kind of judgment. The directors wish to bring back the appreciation of the functionality and health of the human body, instead of its physiological appearance.
One of the fundamental aims of this piece is to remind ourselves of our uniqueness and interdependence with the All.

The workshops will consist of one day, two hours on Thursday the 11th Aug 2022 (5:30 pm-7:30 pm).
Participants should take into consideration that it is a requirement to attend the workshop in order to take part in the final performance action on Friday the 12th Aug 2022 in the Rebel Girls Venue, Downtown Village, Boomtown Fair 2022 (around 6:30 pm).
Open call to all: no previous performative experience is needed.

"What is Poison? Anything which is more than our necessity is Poison. It may be Power, Wealth, Hunger, Ego, Greed, Laziness, Love, Ambition, Hate or anything." (Rumi)


FRANCESCA CITARELLA - Multidisciplinary Italian Artivist, Actress, Performer and Reiki Master Practitioner based in Bristol. Currently, a member of Rebel Girls Club, Francesca is graduated in Literature and Theatre Studies and in Performing Art and has attended different stages and masters in dance theatre, CI, creative movement, art-therapy. Her works allow her to constantly explore the human world and her way of looking at things: a bridge between Soul and Matter. She is in constant research of ways to act and react to the current pressing socio-political issues. Francesca's core values are displayed in her work: Earth Wellbeing, Philanthropic Heart, Spiritual Art. Since 2012 she has been working professionally, performing and acting in different scenarios, facilitating in schools and public and private organisations, directing performances for herself and others, collaborating with Notterante Teatro as actress and Co-director and taking part in personal and collective art exhibitions worldwide and online.
Some performance/show titles: “Teatro Parola Peste” (2012,2013), “In cerca d’Auttore” (2013), “Corti d’Auttore” (2014), “Finché Morte non ci separi”, “EtiVite”, “Terra di Nessuno”, “Love Motel (2015), “Occhi Blu”, “Quartett” (2016), “Bari Nostra” (2017).
Noteworthy are her participation: in the film “L'amour ne pardonne pas” by Stefano Consiglio (Babe Film, BìBì Film, Rai Cinema - Italy, France, 2014) and in the series “Braccialetti Rossi” by Giacomo Campiotti (Palomar Television, Italy, 2014); as a volunteer in the project "Art of Inclusion", coordinated by Artspace Lifespace and the Invisible Circus; as a performer, in “We all come from somewhere" by Artemotion (2019), "HABITAT" by Doris Ulrich (Mayfest, 2022) and “Our Skin” by Yael Karavan and Rita Vilhena (2022).
From September 2021, she is an artist in residence within Bedminster's East St Emporium, a space of independent makers and artists drawn together by a shared penchant for earth-happy creations, and runs her @ciskacollection eco-art brand.
Her ambitions are to plant the seeds of kindness into this world and contribute to the improvement of people's well-being through art and personal growth tools.
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ciskacollection.bristol
IG account: https://www.instagram.com/ciskacollection/

EUNICE DA SILVA - Portuguese Actress, Creator, Poet, Vocalist and Multi-instrumentalist based in Bristol.
Graduated in Artistic Studies - Performing Arts in 2017, Eunice has also attended a bachelor’s degree in Music in the Community (ESML / ESELx - 2008-2010) and in Theater at the U. Évora (2010-2013).
Eunice's main artistic quest is to research the healing, cathartic and liberating qualities of movement, speech, creativity and singing voice. The energy of the elements of nature, philosophical themes and playing with the many faces of the human psyche are the main initiators of her artistic endeavors.
Co-founder of the international artistic group FREYA since 2011 and co-creator of shows such as: “Os Amores de Pan e Siringa” (2015). “Modernism and all! - 100Orpheu" (2017); “A Vida e o Sábio: the Bacchae and Zarathustra” (2016-2019).
Also noteworthy are her participation as a performer in “Flashing Bodies Action 8: Emotional Censorship” (2013 - Collection B), "HABITAT" by Doris Ulrich (Mayfest, 2022) and in "Anatomia do Preconceito" as director (Lisbon,2020).
In collaboration with Francesca Citarella is the co-creator of the show "Body +" (Bristol, 2022) and is currently developing a jazz project as lead vocalist. Eunice is also a member of the Rebel Girls Club.

Rebel Girls Club is a collective of badass women that aim to uplift, inspire and empower people of all genders. Provide courses, drop-ins and events. And will also be holding wellbeing retreats in the future and in the process of attaining its own venue. Discover more on:
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