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Sunday 12th September 2021


— Bricks
This panel will discuss ways in which party spaces can be linked to active social practice, or, 'Rave as Activism'.
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TIMES: 17:00-19:00

Yaz Brien (Ujima FM), Harry Gay (Queer Houseparty), Hari Newland (SNOG). Chair: Dani Wijesinghe

This panel will discuss ways in which party spaces can be linked to active social practice, or, 'Rave as Activism'. The club can be a space of working class and queer social reproduction, and the invention of new forms of social organisation and relationships. Culture starts on the dance floor: getting wrecked with your mates and then ending up at a stranger's house can bring about intersections of previously unconnected ideas and create new ones. Communities are built, and through them these ideas gain powerful material bases which can fight for causes, defend themselves, and influence wider culture.

Yaz Brien (they/them) accidentally became a DJ in the early 2000s, fusing Asian Underground and conscious lyrics with their love of all things bass. Less frequently behind the decks these days they can usually be found stage left by the speakers, and on the airwaves as a producer and presenter at Ujima Radio. Involved in grassroots organising and social movements for the last two decades, they bring a queer, anti-racist and feminist perspective to all that they do.

Harry Gay (real name) is a full-time homosexual based in London. By day an LGBTIQ+ housing advocate—most notably one of the original and long-standing crew members of The Outside Project—and by night a DJ, promoter, event producer, and party starter. Before coronavirus, Harry was part of Glamtifa and could be found jumping around London's queer venues to DJ and bring 10/10 vibes while also throwing huge fundraisers supporting marginalised and oppressed members of the LGBTIQ+ community. But during the first lockdown he set up Queer House Party, and he hasn’t slept since.

Underclass nonbinary transfemme Hari Newland (aka Candy HurtZz) is a co-founder of , and over the last few years has programmed Bristol venue The Old E into a buzzing hub of talent and a hive-pool of scenes, supporting a truly unique wave of new artists to flourish. Hari is also joining this dialogue with a perspective from the front lines of direct action the UK, and with a vision of the revolutionary politics that have bubbled up through the mud."

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The Palace International Film Festival, Bristol’s annual LGBTQIA+ cinematic event, happening 8th – 12th September at Bricks in St Anne’s, will be showcasing 100+ queer shorts, feature films, performances, workshops, virtual reality and a film archive exhibition!


All events and screenings will take place at our new home, Bricks Bristol, located at St Anne's House.

Getting to Bricks:
- No. 36 Bus runs from Bristol City Centre to our front door every 30 minutes. First Bus 36 Timetable
- 20-minute walk from Lawrence Hill train station (via Feeder Road)
- 8-minute cycle ride from Bristol Temple Meads station (via Feeder Road). Get to BTM by Ferry, Bus or Train.
- Car park access, though active travel is encouraged where possible.



- The film festival will be fully accessible.
- There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor.
- To discuss any access requirements/ check set up or opening time questions email stannes@bricksbristol.org or phone 07709 264 201.


If you have purchased an online ticket, we will also be screening our short programme & Q&A's across The Cube Player portal. The details will be sent via an online ticket link.

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