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Monday 13th December 2021

Aftermirth Comedy for Parents

— Cloak and Dagger, The
Hilarious fun for parents and new babies
price: Headfirst Tickets


The journey of parenthood is a magical and maddening one so what better way to cope with it than through stand up comedy!
This comedy club welcomes babies up to a year old (any older and they tend to heckle) but beware, this is an adult comedy club, it will have mature content, sweary words and the odd birth story flash back.
This special morning gig has reduced amplification and a dimmed room so no one will notice those red eyes from sleepless nights. You’re encouraged to bottle, breast or Haribo feed while The Cloak and Dagger's Michelin starred chef will serve food so you can actually eat yerself! Brunch will be served at 10am, with the show commencing at 11.30 am.
You can walk about, or shake Mittens the Special Rabbit in order to soothe your offspring and no one will moan or mutter if your little one cries or screams. There’ll be a full bar too, so go on, treat yerself to a Prosecco, you deserve it!
The gig is open to parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grans, carers, in fact anyone who needs some daytime comedy and doesn’t mind some cute babies in attendance.
AFTERMIRTH is lovingly curated and compered by Angie Belcher.
Please note!
There’s limited space, ditch the buggy and bring a sling if you can.
This event is not suitable for babies or children over 1 year old.

Please note, this event takes place downstairs in The Carousel,for information about accessibility please email [email protected]

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Aftermirth Comedy for Parents at Cloak and Dagger, The
Aftermirth Comedy for Parents in Bristol 2021

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