GAY24 Film Club• BloodSisters: Leather, Dykes & SM at Cloak
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"Free entry! Free popcorn!? Roll out of whatever bed you spent Pride night in and head to Cloak. Cross-continental film club GAY24 keeps rolling with another absolute choice curation of overlooked queer cinema ft. Michelle Handelman’s cult classic AFA-inciting leatherdyke doc BloodSisters."

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A event held at Cloak on Sunday 14th July. The event starts at 20:00.

GAY24 continues with the second of our "Encore" screenings, bringing programs that previously screened in Naarm to our new Bristol audience. This month we've selected something fun and horny to help ease your post-pride comedowns.

A lot of our programming tackles heavy topics: disclosure, community, rebellion. This time we’re looking at a subject that is equally important, but a bit more fun: how we like to fuck and be fucked.

These films are made by queer people expressing their sexuality in their own words and on their own terms. Each film takes delight in reveling in the messiness and great potential of queer sex; through trans desire, lesbian visibility, and consensual power exchange. They all strive to make visible the parts of our queerness we are most often told to hide or downplay in service of assimilation.

Gender Troublemakers was made by Xanthra Phillippa and Mirha-Soleil Ross around the same time that they were writing and compiling issues of their cult queer zine Gendertrash.Alongside criticisms of how transexuals are treated within queer circles, the two openly discuss their own sex life. They speak candidly and playfully on the joys of discovering t4t sex, and how it shapes their connection to themselves and each other. In the same spirit as Gendertrash, Gender Troublemakers seeks to gives voice to a more complex trans identity than was previously allowed to exist within both queer communities and society at large.

In similar spirit, though very different form, Taiwanese media artist Shu Lea Cheang pushes against the barriers of Asian public lesbian visibility in her short film Fingers & Kisses. Probably best known within film circles for her 1994 experimental narrative Fresh Kill and her cyberpunk porno I.K.U., Cheang draws on both in Fingers & Kisses. Employing the language of experimental film, Japanese pornography, music video, and documentary, she brings lesbian sexuality out of the underground and places it on open display, without shame or apology.

Our feature is the cult documentary BloodSisters; a delightfully 90s film that explores the San Francisco lesbian S&M scene. Like so much of Michelle Handelman’s work, the film centres queer sexuality on the margins; interviewees explore the vast queer potential of the power exchange of S&M, and the specificities of the leatherdyke identity within queer community. This is a program for those who love to suck and fuck; to quote on of BloodSister’s interviewees, it’s a celebration of “finding your own boundaries and moving beyond.”

Entry requirements: no age restrictions

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