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Friday 11th March 2022


— The Cloak and Dagger
Queer houseparty vibes for the jilted generations
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“Three rooms of queer chaos, with drag, cabaret, karaoke, djs and a rare late license for the Cloak And Dagger.”
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*** PDA Vol. 1 ***
We kick off our Queer house party of joy at Bristol's best kept secret, the Cloak & Dagger. Situated just before the arches in Montpelier, expect 3 rooms of shenanigans and a special late licence in this labyrinthine adventure of a venue.

DRESS 2 EXPRESS - Shitty prizes available for best + worst dressed, and best + worst karaoke performances.

** THE PARLOUR 19:00 - 01:00 **
PDA Panels, workshops + visual art. First photography installation from Nick Hayward (aka N4ncyb0i) with audio from Jon Chmielewski (aka Zobol)

** THE CAROUSEL 21:00 - LATE **
Car Crash Karaoke, Drag Performance from Dominique Fleek, Jersey the Devil, Xanthe Kween. Open Decks (Sign up at www.pdabristol.com) + hard hitting club tracks from the PDA DJ Team + Very Special Guests - xxxtra sound installed.

** SENSE TUNNEL 19:00 - LATE **
Cinema + ambient cute chillout zone

This is a queer event and, while we of course welcome all through our doors, we politely remind all guests to be mindful of and respect the diversity of others. A safer space policy will be in place (a full copy can be found at www.pdabristol.com) and members of the event and SIA certified venue crew will be more than happy to help you in any way they can.

Artist Videos:

PDA Vol. 1 Preview
Zobol @ The Crofters Rights for The Bottle

Artist Audio:

Goldman Trax w/ SL - 5th April 2021 - 1020 Radio

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