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Saturday 2nd July 2022

Bodywork + Supersmash

— Crofters Rights
The Return of Bodysmash....
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After the mysterious disappearance of Nick Bodywork, this month’s session is a SUPERSMASH takeover.

Reports in mainstream media suggest an abduction by a rival DJ crew but Supersmash’s media department say it’s something far more sinister.

With rumours online of ‘shapeshifting lizards’, ‘5G enemas’ and ‘having to attend a friend’s wedding’ the truth is as elusive as Bodywork’s main man.

Wherever the truth lies the Supersmash crew - Waxmouse, Kraymon, Spinthief and Petit Four - will be infiltrating the backroom; bringing their selection of house, techno, disco, world, electro and a whole heap of mischief to boot.

Who will protect the dancers with no-one watching over them??
Will our hero return to save the day??
Will Bodywork ever be the same again??

Find out next time on BODYSMASH

Event photos for Bodywork + Supersmash:

Bodywork + Supersmash at Crofters Rights
Bodywork + Supersmash in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

Bodywork 6th Birthday

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