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Saturday 16th July 2022

Nera 2.0: 'Warped' (LGBTQ+ Immersive Techno Rave)

— Dare to Club
LGBTQ+ friendly European techno, magic and mystery
price: Headfirst Tickets


“Steam-punk / retro-future themed queer perfection via live dancers, decour, drag queen hosts and slamming hi-NRG techno from the minds behind Minotaur Sound / Dolce Vita. ”
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We just couldn’t keep away. After the incredible Nera 1.0, we had to bring you Nera 2.0 Warped. This time we come with a summer helping of sass and beautilicious entertainment to set the dancefloor ablaze with European Techno flavours.

The word ‘Nera’ is the Italian feminine adjective for ‘black’, The colour black is unique because it is together both the absence of light and full absorption of light.

Everything starts from it and ends with it.

If you remember from the last time, we are equal parts music, magic and mystery.

The theme for this event is 'Retro futurism', get ready to get lost in space and a time long past. Think vintage cosmonaughts, future industrial era meets Victoriana. It's time warp central at Nera 2.0.

Managed by women with safety in mind, dancefloor wellbeing is our priority. No jump up, no bro mentality, just hands down pure love, safety and inclusivity. Everyone looks out for each other and you just wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of our Drag Queen Hosts Dee Ryder and Jessica Jungle.

Get ready for our sizzling lineup of local selectors to curate the techno you are lusting after:

DJs A-Z:
Dani Whylie
Sarah Air
The Yard Woman

Immersive decorations and professional dancing performers will make this the night to remember.

Get your super early birds now before they sell out

Artist Videos:


Artist Audio:

The Yard Woman
A For Alpha w/ Dani Whylie 27TH MAY 2022 - SWU.FM
Catchi at Women taking over - Dolce Vita and Mas Techno - Minotaur Sound