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Friday 15th July 2022

DESTROYERTONES - Release Performance

— Dareshack
Sean Addicott, Knifedoutofexistence, Distraxi + Eduardo Gama & Emmanuel Spinelli, SHIFT+SPACE, with Tikoda.
price: £10 adv // £12 otd Headfirst Tickets


To celebrate the release of Sean Addicott's latest work 'DESTROYERTONES', a night of abstract electronics

Sean Addicott creates sumptuous sound worlds, with clear nods to Jonsi & Alex, Tim Hecker, and William Basinski. In 2019, Sean released the album, ‘Tapesleep’, a chemically-corroded nod to the modern convention of a sleep tape. Sean’s current work explores ambient, post-rock, and noise, showcasing his ability to balance lightness with crushing weight, growing from a semi-sinusoidal drone to a palisade of noise, harmony, and sub-bass. The work explores catharsis through ritual isolation, loneliness, and the importance of growth and change.

South Coast Power Electronics purveyor Dean Lloyd-Robinson, aka Knifedoutofexistence returns to Bristol in support of the new album 'Mist Clouds The View'. A master of obfuscation, his work features harshened noise and processed vocals, creating crushing and evocative sonic frameworks for catharsis and destruction, concealing a transformative inner musical landscape.

With work grounded in clustered and chaotic noise and power electronics, Distraxi creates turbulent and cathartic soundscapes in what she titles "pain electronics". Her split with Harm Signals details erratic electronic contortion, whilst "Castration Fantasy" explores traditional musicality, themed on the castration of St Origen.

Eduardo and Emmanuel will be bringing a live rendering of Eduardos ‘Aural Postcards’ project, exploring the feelings and experiences of being a migrant in England and sharing those emotions in an immersive, open and honest format. When transforming nebulous feelings of displacement - accelerated during the isolation of the pandemic - into something tangible, Eduardo leaned into his experience in theatre. The visual nature of theatrical performance sparked the idea to work on a multimodal project that combined images with sound; connecting the visual and sonic worlds through an AV version of a postcard where sound design, composition, field recordings and spoken word replaced the written word. Eduardo’s Aural Postcards were made of three main components: the image, field recordings and spoken word pieces from migrants living in the UK about where they come from, their new home and the people and places they miss.

SHIFT+SPACE Shiftspace co-founder (performing with Jez Moore of The Re-Birth Collective) is a mixed media composer from Cornwall who currently resides in Bristol, studying a masters in Innovation In Sound. "Space-Time" as Hermann Minkowski referred to it, is a single concept that recognises space and time as a four-dimensional construct. SHIFT+SPACE's performance recognises this, presenting filmic work influenced by the Afrofuturistic concepts of the film "Brother from Another Planet". Originally released on the 11th of July 1984, the film premiered a week before SHIFT+SPACE's birthdate and the performance date. SHIFT+SPACE explores ideas related to the idea of space and the earth's travel into other dimensions.⁠

Tikoda is the audio-visual brainchild of Bristol-based producer Theo Passingham using generative code art with live industrial techno taking influence from symbolism to enhance audio experiences. Their work will be visually extrapolating from Kinfiedoutofexistence and Distraxi sounds, creating an immersive visual context supporting their visceral noise. ⁠

Price: £10 adv // £12 otd
None one turned away for lack of funds. Please email seanaddicottmusic@gmail.com to explore this further. All communications will be met with the necessary sensitivity.

Artist Videos:

Sean Addicott - "Ritual II - A Head Cloud of Starlings Murmur the Songs Cloaked Amplifiers Sing"
Sean Addicott - "..." (Tapesleep Improvisation)/Restless Bursts (Woodbox Live Session)
"...Time, as a construct​..." by Sean Addicott (2016) (Ambient, Drone, Electro Acoustic)
Mist Clouds The View
DISTRAXI - "Seratonin Overdose" (Castration Fantasy EP) - BWR014

Artist Audio:

bandcamp - bandcamp
Sean Addicott
Sean Addicott

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