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Friday 17th December 2021

Dareshack Presents: Memotone & Guests

— Dareshack
Dareshack welcomes Memotone, supported by Alun Elliott-Williams and Dan Johnson, to explore the sonic possibilities of solo performance.
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While the world seems to spin ever so slightly more off-axis year upon year, we retreat into our comfort zones to seek healing, warmth, and reflection; tones that Memotone continues to juxtapose with folkloric images of nature, a dark humanity, and our innermost fears.

Dareshack joyfully welcomes Will “Memotone” Yates to perform a set of both constructed and improvised tunes in amongst the audience, in the round.

Though Memotone’s music is grounded in the piano, his work spans multiple instruments, building and layering his work across the guitar, clarinet, drum machines, hardware synths, and live percussion.

What follows is a set that seamlessly explores texture, tension, and release across multiple genres, and while blending the uncanny, acoustic, and electronic in sound, remains unmistakably human and welcoming in execution.

And to warm up the evening:

Alun Elliott-Williams
Though known primarily as the melodic, textural, and layered component of the labyrinthine, aurally assaulting sounds of Waldo’s Gift, Alun Elliott Williams has been working covertly on the enhancement and elevation of his solo guitar practice.

A composer at heart, Alun’s precise, soaring guitar work has earned him feature spots with the likes of Ishmael Ensemble, and his work shows no signs of slowing down as, besides Waldo’s Gift, his work has begun to coalesce into his own projects in which he comes forward vocally as well as instrumentally.

We are fortunate, then, to present Alun performing a solo set of improvised guitar soundscapes. Expect an immersive, free-form experience at once meditative, melodic, and cathartic.

Dan Johnson

Opening the evening, we are pleased to welcome Dan Johnson, a staple of Bristol’s experimental music community and an expressionist solo drummer in his own right, constantly exploring and searching for new ways to examine the acoustic possibilities of drums and rhythm within obscure and abandoned spaces.

His solo sets are structured with narratives, and while technical and deliberate, they remain loose, primal, and improvised, as the music takes his approach from one moment to the next with an adherence to a few key components of the drum set and staying true to what the music demands of him in the moment.

Expect a challenging exploration of the possibilities of drums, giving way to moments of hypnotic meditation that’ll swallow you before you realise what’s happened.

Ages 18+


In the spirit of creating a welcoming, safe environment for everyone, we will be following Government guidance and recommendations.

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Our staff will be wearing face coverings, and we’re working hard to ensure that you and our team have an enjoyable experience; so, we respectfully ask that we all play our parts in creating a safe environment for everyone.

Event photos for Dareshack Presents: Memotone & Guests:

Dareshack Presents: Memotone & Guests at Dareshack
Dareshack Presents: Memotone & Guests in Bristol 2021

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Memotone - Small Good Thing | Sofar London
Memotone - Ritual (Official Video)

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