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Friday 25th February 2022

Dareshack Presents: STANLÆY + qariaq

— Dareshack
Immersive visual show with DJ set until 1am
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“Stanlaey re-emerge with a greater emphasis on avant-garde electronic inclinations. Witness their mercurial metamorphosis in shiny new venue Dareshack.”
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Arranger and composer Bethany Stenning inhabits an intriguing composite of tastes. At once delicate in vocal delivery, but forceful in their precise and weaving guitar technique, their control comes from their mastery of both balance and chaos.

Joined by a cohort of local musicians with their collective fingers in a veritable cornucopia of pies, Stenning’s music springs to life as STANLÆY, a musical tapestry that deftly combines the angular, leapfrogging song structures of math-leaning dynamics with a grounded, earthy folk sensibility, with pointed, sweet, borderline-juvenile vocal delivery languishing in a cryptic lyricism floating over the top.

Expect to have your expectations challenged as we witness the mercurial music of a keen, creative mind, brought to life by some of the finest heads from Bristol’s musical community.

Throughout the evening, Matteo Amadio will be creating interactive and generative visuals that focus on establishing a deep connection with sound, exploring the immersivity and use of contamination and feedback as creative factors.

Opening the evening, we welcome qariaq,

qariaq is the moniker of Bristol-based, self taught, sound maker Esther CG
and multi-instrumentalist Ben Holyoake. Baritone guitar, kalimba, vocals and
a host of guitar pedals are emulsified, creating transcending wild
soundscapes layered with dissonance and avant-pop sounds. Together with
Ben’s Sporadic and driving rhythms, a sonic web is intricately woven, with
those captured unsure as whether to feel lulled or tense.

"transcending music that will entrench listeners with its wild soundscapes layered with dissonance and avant-garde pop sounds" - Divide & Conquer

POLYMERS will be keeping the vibes in the room with a special DJ set until 1am.

Age: +18

Event photos for Dareshack Presents: STANLÆY + qariaq:

Dareshack Presents: STANLÆY + qariaq at Dareshack
Dareshack Presents: STANLÆY + qariaq in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

Fragility ~ STANLÆY
Wooden Womb - STANLÆY
The Oyster - STANLÆY
qariaq - made by walking (live session)
qariaq - bygone (live session)

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