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Wednesday 1st June 2022

Horse Lords, Laurie Tompkins & Minor Conflict

— Dareshack
Intricate, hypnotic art rock, harp-led post punk and ugly song...
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“Microtonal, instrumental, math rock meets minimalist sax-drone like La Monte Young producing Battles or Black Midi covering Beefheart. Horse Lords play with energetic algorithmic precision and daring influences - Caribbean rhythmic scales, bastardised Americana blues, blasts of bagpipes. Wtf.”
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Ecstatic to welcome back the Horse Lords from Baltimore!

They played for us back in '17 and we can't wait to have their unique brand of ultra-refined art-rock minimalism back to Bristolian soil. The only 'math rock' band you could ever need. They will be touring a brand new LP, soon to be announced.

"Horse Lords is the quartet of Andrew Bernstein, Max Eilbacher, Owen Gardner and Sam Haberman. The band transmutes experimental tactics (polyrhythm, arcane tunings and modular synthesis) into direct, muscular and surprisingly funky songs. Using the just intonation tuning system favored by avant garde composers such as La Monte Young and James Tenney, the group's playing acknowledges the conservatory but just as freely draws upon krautrock, post-punk, Appalachian and African musical traditions.Elaborate but not self-indulgent, wide ranging but tightly executed, Horse Lords are at once trance inducing, ecstatic, and rhythmically compelling."

Laurie Tompkins (b.1990) is a UK composer, performer and co-director of the Slip label.
Live, he does tanked songs - rotten, desperate vocals and instrumentals over thick, consoling samples. Bodies, things, words, and sounds strain under duress, looping their way through scenes of grubby presence, not-quite riff, mouldy echo, and swollen bombast.  His spring 2022 discs are for Entr’acte, 33-33 and Hyperdelia, featuring collaborations with Eliza McCarthy, Ashley Paul, Jess Hickie-Kallenbach, Teresa Winter, Gwilly Edmondez, Otto Willberg, Aaron Parker, and Joel Wycherley.

Local support we have the incredibly exciting new prospect of Minor Conflict; a young harp-led art-rock trio quickly making waves. Check their first single below, released via London's Slow Dance collective.

Crucial FFO: Glenn Branca, Bégayer, Frank Zappa, Evil Usses, black midi, Battles etc.

Artist Videos:

Horse Lords - Interventions (Full Album)
Horse Lords - Truthers (Official Video)
Horse Lords - Horse Lords (Full Album)
Office Block
Minor Conflict @ The Social 27/01/22
Laurie Tompkins & Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach “Gaz”

Artist Audio:

Horse Lords
Minor Conflict
Laurie Tompkins

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