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Wednesday 16th March 2022

Bada Bing! Let's Go (Comedy Game Show)

— Exchange
Daft buggers doing a bunch of daft stuff
price: Headfirst Tickets


Feeling fruity for chaotic, comedy nonsense? Well, Bada Bing! Let’s go - you’re in for quite the show.

Featuring bloody good comedy acts, daft talents, a deranged chef and games like 'boxy boxy, why so foxy' and 'meat raffle', Bada Bing! Let’s Go is one hella fun comedy game show.

And it’s all hosted by Fella, who's been on the B-Berry-C and who Chortle described as ‘gleefully ridiculous’.

So grab yourself a ticket, don your good-time shoes and come on down to lol town.

Doors open @ 7.30, show starts @ 8

If you fancy an early butcher’s, give @badabing.letsgo a gander.

Let’s tango!

Please note that the basement stage is not accessible to all.

Event photos for Bada Bing! Let's Go (Comedy Game Show):

Bada Bing! Let's Go (Comedy Game Show) at Exchange
Bada Bing! Let's Go (Comedy Game Show) in Bristol 2022