The Garden Of Queerdom at The Loco Klub
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"Sell out warning! Mega link-up from four of Bristol’s finest queer party starters! Summer is officially here (come rain or shine) with PLU, Crotch, QUEERKY and Soft Butch teaming up for the inaugural garden day party at Loco Klub; expect house, disco, reggaeton, techno and Italian food. What more could you want? "

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A clubnight held at The Loco Klub on Saturday 22nd June. The event starts at 14:00.

Ladies and Gentlethem, genders of all Ranges. Are you ready for day of queer joy on the dancefloor?

For the first time Loco Klub has opened up its garden space for dancing. To mark this momentous occasion we have brought together four of our favourite queer counter culture dance music collectives to foster a day of fantastic food, delicious drinks, marvellous music and above all a community spirit in the name of a good boogie.

Bringing the summer vibes will be CROTCH, QUEERKY, SOFTBUTCH and PLU. Expect only the finest House, Disco, Techno and everything in between from our cherished collectives.

Don’t worry if you get hungry as we have some divine Italian eats coming from ‘Cibomatto’ who will be right there with you throughout the day.

As for drinks, to save your legs we will be setting up a bar outside right by the dancefloor. Expect some summery cock & mocktails and some choice cold cans to keep you hydrated.

This is an 18+ event.

Showtime is from 14:00 – 21:00
Last entry 18:00


peoplelikeusdj (PLU) 19:15 – 21:00
Jasseeka Del x Maxou (QUEERKY) 17:30 – 19:15
LEXX (SOFTBUTCH) 15:45 – 17:30
Angel Mel x K-RUSH x Bendy Wendy (CROTCH) 14:00 – 15:45


Angel Mel: CROTCH
Angel was born and bred in the heart and soul of the Bristol music scene. Coming from the West Country with her roots planted in Reggae, Drum & Bass and Trip Hop, later branching into other areas of underground dance music genres, such as Acid Jazz, Broken Beat and Deep and Soulful House.
With her big smile and infectious energy and dance moves, she has perfected the ingredients to make any event an experience to remember.

Bendy Wendy: CROTCH
Bendy Wendy is a DJ from Bristol that treats the decks much like a chef treats their dishes. Watch them conjure sounds from the aether and bathe in the unholy broth of queer dance music.

Jasseeka Del : QUEERKY
Jasseeka Del has been a resident DJ and core organiser of QUEERKY since 2021. With over 15 years experience, she originally started playing DnB on Vinyl in her old life. She now has found a home in the realm of Techno, Breaks, House and Hard Groove all with a relentless minimal drive, full of pounding rhythm, psychedelic twists and acid edges. Expect something surprisingly a little lighter for the Garden

Emerging from Bristol’s underground queer rave scene and and rapidly making bigger waves is the party powerhouse K-RUSH.
She is one of the organisers and resident DJs for Crotch and Conqueer, two of Bristol’s most successful DIY grassroots club nights as well as a disk jockey, poet and rapper in her own right. K’s sets are the definition of high-energy, pushing through a perfect mix of eclectic and electrifying Techno, Electro, House and Hardcore.

LEXX whips the finest cross-genre music into sets that sweat and reset. Their dance floor is a sxy somatics-infused space where gender gets bent and all beings are held in love. A space where you can dance freely to meet your struggle and release it all. This is for those of you who know there's more to life.

Expect: house of all flavours, afrobeat and amapiano, reggaeton and latinx tracks, drum n bass, and much more.

LEXX is the creator + DJ of regular-sell-out event Soft Butch Bristol, a night celebrating all butchness, for women, NB and Trans people to dance freely together.

Based in Bristol for more than 4 years, Maxou played with Queerky during its infancy, started djing for the city's growing ballroom scene, and is seen regularly stomping across dancefloors wherever she can catch a good beat. While constantly evolving her style and selection, you can be sure she'll always bring catchy, genre-bending beats that bang.

peoplelikeusdj : PLU
Resident DJ peoplelikeusdj are well known for their elective DJ sets – for the Garden of Queerdom party they will be closing the day out with anything from house, Balearic jazz, disco-not-disco, to their trademark bleepy outta galaxy technoid sounds – all of which have a common theme – music to make you groove.


CROTCH stands for revolution, empowerment and unity. We dress to express, never to impress
We party for queers, allies and newcomers and keep that raw energy alive so that when that Soundsystem is thumping you KNOW you're in a lil queer haven.

Growing over the last two years from a small night at Llandoger Trow to the huge, sell out shows of Strange Brew, CROTCH continuously prove their decision to all things outside, we implore them to come and see what's inside

Soft Butch is a night celebrating all butchness for women, Non Binary and Trans people to dance freely together.

It's a somatics-infused space where Queer bodies are encouraged to move freely, so that together we can release and reset.

Everyone is invited to have no drinks and no phones on the dance floor to explore how this can help us be more authentically present.

Much loved underground queer electronic music party starters PLU are now the longest running party of it’s kind in Bristol.

QUEERKY is a rave party, but first of all, it’s a Queer gathering. The project started in 2021 and the music ranges from techno, electronica, breaks, berlin, hard-style, and Hard-house… all with a surprisingly distinctive and unifying flavour. The Community is at the heart of the project. We try to foster a homely and warm atmosphere and to create a safer space for everyone to feel comfortable in their skin, accepted and enabled to explore their gender identity in a protected environment. The project aims to allow the queer community to have a family and a platform for artists to be visible in a society that still privileges heteronormativy. We are proudly anti-patriarchal, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, and ready to dance together through these times of change.

Entry requirements: 18+

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