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Wednesday 18th May 2022

PHATBristol Open Mic and Jam

— Lost Horizon
Open Mic/Jam with Queer/Femme House Band. Welcoming all talents under the sun.
price: Headfirst Tickets


PHATBristol Open Mic and Jam:

We believe in Bristol as the leading city of revolution and change begins now. With a ridiculously talented Queer/Femme house band ready to join you & jump on the groove, your time is NOW. Show em what you got
We especially encourage spoken word, poetry and movement.

We will be running a LetterBox Workshop, writing letters to Kill the Bill prisoners. Come say hi!

Combining Open Mic and Open Jam and welcoming every talent under the sun, join us at this creative playground for an eclectic mix of performance, protest, free speech, and ground breaking ideas.

-Have you ever wondered what your duo would sound like with a drummer?
-Are you an mc who’s sick of rapping over the same beats?
-Wanna toot your horn to a fun yet attentive crowd?
-Have you ever wanted to try out your songs with a full band and don’t know where to start?

Let the host know if you're performing on your own or if you’d like the band to join you or sign up online.

Sign up form:

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