Moor Beer Co

Moor Beer Co

Craft tap room hosting music events and brewery tours

Vegan beers (without the fish guts) and live music since 2007! Moor Beer hosts some storming events and of course, everything from the tap room's brewed on site.

What's On At Moor Beer Co

Mandragora + 6: at Moor Beer Co
— Moor Beer Co
metal alternative rock grunge doom metal sludge metal
FOE Fest at Moor Beer Co
— Moor Beer Co
metal punk
— Moor Beer Co
punk ska punk
Also Eden + EBB at Moor Beer Co
— Moor Beer Co
progressive rock rock art rock
Distortion Gospel Vol. 4 at Moor Beer Co
— Moor Beer Co
dubstep metal doom metal industrial noise
Nosebleed // Pizzatramp // + More TBC at Moor Beer Co
— Moor Beer Co
punk garage rock
— Moor Beer Co
rock punk garage rock festival
Moor Loop Fest at Moor Beer Co
— Moor Beer Co
folk-pop singer-songwriter hip hop rap funk

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Our recent recommendations for Moor Beer Co

4-headed hellbeast! Distortion Gospel summons pure industrial pain and EBM angst with Trace Amount, Nailbreaker, ATC’s Monika Badly and sheet metal grindcore from your in-house band, Chewing Glass Collective. No-brainer / brain-melter FFO: Hide, Skinny Puppy, Author & Punisher, Godflesh, Street Sects. Chewing Glass Collective take their 3rd Sound System fuelled trip into the darkest depths of electronic and extreme music.

Shlug punks! Come get yer careening rhythms and industrial buzzsaw guitars from one of Cardiff’s best underground bands. Fans of The Jesus Lizard, LICE, Idles, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - this is your new noise. WASTELAND PRESENTS : SHLUG + HONEST WORK

Gnarled and grizzled multi-band mini-fest at Bristol’s metal-friendly brew depo, Moor Beer. Featuring gruelling hardcore from Jawless and local legends Bad Blood + Mutilated State, amp-worshipping stoner doom from Warrior Pope, rotten ska-crust weirdness from Fidget and Twitchers and Zpangled Henz. A perfect antidote to those January blues...

Moor Beer doing what Moor Beer do best here (aside from beer) - hosting 7 heavy as hell bands including evil Cardiff stoner-fuzz merchants Lung, amp-worshipping doom from Warrior Pope and putrid Bristol sludgers Empire of Dust. Nothing says festive season like a night of hardcore-doom-sludge-noise-metal

Mega relentless grindcore/screamo stand-outs from Portugal, Hetta are feral but controlled, forward-looking but still nodding to the post-hardcore greats - we'll see you in the craft beer-soaked pit. Big FFO Converge, Botch, Blood Brothers, Adorno, Swing Kids, Mohinder, Hot Cross. Portugese post-hardcore merchants visit Bristol for the first time.