Moor Beer Co

Moor Beer Co

Craft tap room hosting music events and brewery tours

Vegan beers (without the fish guts) and live music since 2007! Moor Beer hosts some storming events and of course, everything from the tap room's brewed on site.

What's On At Moor Beer Co

Hetta + Mould + Big Pigeon at Moor Beer Co
— Moor Beer Co
post-hardcore alternative rock punk post-punk noise
Cans n Tha' Chrimbo Party at Moor Beer Co
— Moor Beer Co
metal punk doom metal sludge metal noise
— Moor Beer Co
disco electro post-punk old school hip hop funk
16 Tons Of Dub NYE Special: Steppa's VS Dub Step at Moor Beer Co
— Moor Beer Co
dubstep 140 dub reggae roots reggae
Tsunami Bomb + Hans Gruber and the Die Hards at Moor Beer Co
— Moor Beer Co
emo ska punk pop punk ska punk

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Mega relentless grindcore/screamo stand-outs from Portugal, Hetta are feral but controlled, forward-looking but still nodding to the post-hardcore greats - we'll see you in the craft beer-soaked pit. Big FFO Converge, Botch, Blood Brothers, Adorno, Swing Kids, Mohinder, Hot Cross. Hetta + Mould + Big Pigeon at Moor Beer Co.

The dark crusted highlight in Moor Beer’s triple event spookfest with 10 bands hexxing you somewhere between amp-worshipping stoner doom (Warrior Pope, Dead Witches, Damek) and post-apocalyptic garage rock (I Am Drug, Altermoderns). Pick of the weekend FFO: the Birthday Party, Butthole Surfers, Big Business, Earth, Om. Sticky Nag Promotions Presents An Evening Exorcism

From the beating heart of Bristol’s metal quarter comes part 2 of Bristol’s most extreme club night. Black City records is at the helm - running industrial, sludge, doom, noise and thrash red hot through Chewing Glass Collective’s rig with industro-metal poster boy King Yousef + Avon Terror Corps in attendance. Bristol's most extreme club night

Bristol’s next legendary pub / venue / community hub is just a foetus at this point, in need of a solid £10k+ to get born! Our underground heroes (Snog, Schwet, Illegal Data, Tara Clerkin Trio) rally round the cause for a pay-what-you-can DJ extravaganza. Dig deep people! Featuring DJ sets from Illegal Data, Snog, Tara Clerkin Trio, Schwet, Bliss Archive, Silver Waves, and more

Let your Friday the 13th be doomy AF my child! Moor Beer’s the devil on your back with eeeeeeeeeeevil Cardiff stoner-fuzz merchants Lung, fried desert biker psych from Motorik Road Trip and putrid Bristol sludge from Empire of Dust. Huge FFO: Kyuss, Primitive Man, The Body, Conjurer, My Dying Bride, Electric Wizard. Aim Low Get High Presents a Night of Doom & Destruction