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Friday 8th October 2021

Horses On The Beach + Support

— Mr Wolfs
A brawny sextet that take the reigns from Latin and jazz ensembles like The Cat Empire and Deluxe to deliver a flavoursome retro emulation.
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When asked to explain what Alt-Funk is, the Bristol based band, Horses On The Beach, carefully described the steps necessary to play it. They took Soul and boiled it up with a pinch of Jazz and Funk, then expertly distilled it into a potent concoction that, if ingested, causes the consumer to throw their cares into the wind and dance like they really, really mean it.

With influences like Nuybian Twist, The Cat Empire and Deluxe, it's not surprising that their live shows are brimming with energy. Off the cuff sax solos ride the waves of their refreshing compositions that whisk you from blazing chorus to the most delicate of interludes. In 2019 they wafted their funky beats all around the country, jumping back on the festival circuit at the likes of Wonderfields, Port Elliot and Boomtown.
They boast support for many of their musical heros, such as Cut Capers, Undercover Hippy, and Land Of The Giants, and have preceded the likes of Backbeat Sound System and Bare Jams at various festivals.

"Is there a better young band on the circuit? Nay!" - Andy Quick, Land Of The Giants

Last entry with a ticket at 11:30pm, but all tickets holders are welcome to stay for the after show DJ until 4am. We reserve the right to turn away large groups, in particular Stag Parties, Sports Socials or Pub Golf. We want everyone who comes to Mr Wolfs to feel safe and comfortable. If this happens and you have purchased tickets, a full refund will be processed within 7 working days.

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Horses on the Beach

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