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Friday 9th August 2019

Amun-Ramen & Dubi Dolczek // Mr. Fitz

— Mr Wolfs
Egyptian psychedelic country and noodle-rock
price: Entry £3


(Egyptian psychedelic country and noodle-rock)

Amun was one of the most powerful gods in ancient Egypt, often referred to as the ‘King of the Gods’. When combined with the god Ramen, he’d become even more powerful: a god of all creation, but mainly, creation of noodles.

See, in the fight over who invented spaghetti people tend to forget that noodles are holy foods, that no human could invent. They were sent to Earth by gods who wanted to give people something easy to cook, something that even the mortals could not mess up. And yet, in the history of homo sapiens, there were so many cases of overcooking noodles, serving ragu with thin spaghetti, having ramen with bread… someone even thought that ramen-flavoured Pringles would be a good idea!

The gods didn’t like what the Earthians were doing with their holy food and decided to send Amun-Ramen down to Bristol, to put an end to the culinary heresy. After realizing that the no-Sun conditions are not good for an Egyptian deity, Amun-Ramen decided to possess a human. It turned out that even the greatest human to ever walk the planet was not enough to accommodate the god’s greatness (RIP David Bowie); Amun-Ramen decided to divide his being into four mortals. He now continues creating (mainly music) to save the world.

The mortals:

I-Sha-Vii - vocals, rhythm guitar
Sol Pachner - lead guitar
Jonathan Croft - bass guitar
Max Harrison - drums, backing vocals


(Mellow Martian tunes meet Earth's Doo Wop)

Dubi Dolczek is a seminal historian, daring pilot, intrepid explorer, pan-galactic mercenary, inappropriate cat-whisperer, musician.

After his stunning achievements in rendering the crab myths of old into human song forms Dubi begins work on his memoirs, opening with his spacetravels as a teenage greaseball. Talk of various aliens and robots arriving in the quadrant and late-night jams on Dubi's moonbase seem to confirm rumours of a reunion of sorts...

The crew:
Dubi Dolczek (Graeme Smith) - vocals, guitar
Laszlo McQuade (Lewis Fitzjohn) - vocals, synth

May pick up intergalactic hitch hikers



Doors @ 9pm
Entry £3

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