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Saturday 12th March 2022


— Mr Wolfs
Ever-powerful body of Funk, Punk, Soul, Electro, Jazz and Hip Hop.
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So never mind whoever the new superheroes of funk are said to be this week..........here's Cantaloop!

Cantaloop have fused their organic funk and digital beats into one, cutting up in the studio to bring that mix of 'Ol Skool, New Flavour' to the live stage thus creating the perfect vehicle to appeal to both clubs and venues. They put the drummer in a box and embraced the cut and paste technology and their new found willingness to transform.

Having always loved the past and present the band have mixed their sound into an ever-powerful body of Funk, Punk, Soul, Electro, Jazz and Hip Hop.

So here comes the start of their get down.

We reserve the right to turn away large groups, in particular Stag Parties, Sports Socials or Pub Golf. We want everyone who comes to Mr Wolfs to feel safe and comfortable.

Artist Videos:

Cantaloop - Dig It...

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