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Wednesday 16th February 2022

Artists Block - Heat 1

— Mr Wolfs
Live Art competition with DJs
price: Headfirst Tickets


Artists Block Bristol presents an avant-garde night of live art and music. Four of Bristol’s most aspiring artists go head to head in a live art battle while the 3QP Collective go b2b on the decks spinning the notorious Bristol sounds of jungle, dub, garage and 140. The artists will be given 2 hours in front of our live audience to create their masterpiece before we turn the deciding vote over to YOU, to see who can beat the artists block, be crowned the winner of their heat and advance to the final! With all artworks for sale on the night, come meet these rising stars and immerse yourself in an evening of live music and contemporary art. An event not to be missed!!

ARTIST: Amy Loizou // Instagram: @amyloizouart
My name is Amy Loizou and I am currently a fine art student in 2nd year at UWE. I originally started creating at a young age and growing up I have always used it as a coping mechanism for my mental health. My hearing impairment has always meant I was a visual learner, so using art as a means of expression in areas I struggle to communicate has been an important part of my life. My current style often switches between black and grey digital drawings and colorful abstract pieces. I am very interested in painting the human form, distorting the shapes of bodies, and combining strange elements in the piece that are unexpected and strange. I am inspired by artists such as Alex Grey, Kooning, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, combining abstract elements with expressionism and some elements of spirituality.
Facebook: Amy Loizou Art

ARTIST: Alice smith // Instagram: @al.cebiff
My name is Alice Smith, originally from Newcastle, I moved to Bristol in 2020 to carry out a Fine Art degree at UWE – I’m currently in my 2nd year. I have always been intrigued by the unorthodox blend of realism and surrealism; generally distorting and fragmenting the human form. My practice is a constant battle between planning, painting and breaking-down. I have spent a lot of time trying to understand myself; the last few years in particular have provided me with the time and environment to reflect on my personal experiences, both mental and physical; positive and negative. My current style features significance of the eye. I remove the iris and the pupil within all of my paintings – this is to place emphasis on the person behind the eyes, rather than the outer-physical-body; the eye is the window to the chaos that lay behind it. My work also includes fragments of the female form, contributing towards the ideology of identity distortion in which my work portrays. I am inspired by artists such as: Preston Paperboy, Emilio Villalba, Salvador Dali and Sophie Tea.

ARTIST Adaia Norris-witts
My name is Adaia Norris-witts I study fine art at uwe, I moved here from Winchester a year ago and been falling in love with Bristol everyday since. My artwork could be described as autobiographical, using colour pattern and text to emulate my thoughts and emotions. I often look at social issues as inspiration for my work such as social media, feminism, social culture. I use a variety of mediums but in recent I’ve mainly been exploring ceramics and sculpture work. And mixed media pieces that are busy and often textured. I take great inspiration from artists like Natalie Wong, Tracy emin, Rossanna Jones, Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick.

ARTIST Em // Instagram: @emparkerx
Hi my name is Em, I am a 2nd year fine art student at UWE. I began to realise my passion for art during sixth form once I’d been given much more freedom to express myself. I mainly create urban abstract paintings with inspiration coming particularly from the graffiti world and abstract artists such as Rachel Jones. Art for me is really therapeutic so I am super fortunate to be able to study it! My style of art changes often as I can never stick to the same techniques/style for too long, I have previously made lots of works using posca graffiti pens, photoshop, photography and sculpture building! I like to work large scale as I was restricted to a small book for the majority of school so I like to take up as much room as possible!!

Event photos for Artists Block - Heat 1:

Artists Block - Heat 1 at Mr Wolfs
Artists Block - Heat 1 in Bristol 2022

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