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Wednesday 16th March 2022

Artists Block - Heat 2

— Mr Wolfs
Live Art competition with DJs
price: Headfirst Tickets


Artists Block Bristol presents an avant-garde night of live art and music. Four of Bristol’s most aspiring artists go head to head in a live art battle while the 3QP Collective go b2b on the decks spinning the notorious Bristol sounds of jungle, dub, garage and 140. The artists will be given 2 hours in front of our live audience to create their masterpiece before we turn the deciding vote over to YOU, to see who can beat the artists block, be crowned the winner of their heat and advance to the final! With all artworks for sale on the night, come meet these rising stars and immerse yourself in an evening of live music and contemporary art. An event not to be missed!!

ARTIST 1: Isabelle Bedevian // Instagram: @izzybedevianart

I’m Isabelle Bedevian and I am an artist from Limassol, Cyprus. I am currently in my 2nd year of studying Fine art at UWE. I enjoy Pop art and Surrealism as Art Genres. My practice consists of sculpture, painting, and screen-printing. Nevertheless, I enjoy experimenting with new mediums and ideas. I am really interested in the combination of artificialness and reality and the way these two concepts can interact to create captivating outcomes. Most of my current work is based on Greek Gods and Goddesses such as Aphrodite, The Goddess of beauty and love. It is an element I have brought into my art from my Greek Cypriot culture.

ARTIST 2: Rebecca Arundell // Instagram: @rma_art01
Hi my name is Becca Arundell and I am currently studying at UWE doing Fine art in my 2nd year. I moved to Bristol for uni, and so far have greatly enjoyed the art that encompasses the city since it’s a stark contrast to my home. Whilst I originally had an interest in photography at sixth form, I have always been creating art and had the opportunity to explored my passion for fine art on my foundation art and design course. I have worked with many different mediums and I have continued to experiment on my course, these have included Digital art, portraits, oil pastels and abstract work. I try not to limit myself or put myself in a box when it comes to my art as I love to use lots of different styles and ways of working. Recently I have taken more of an interest in fictional portraits and self portraits using bright colours and I am continuing to develop my skills surrounding these portraits, I am very excited to expand on this practice!

ARTIST 3: Emese Gyorfi // Instagram: @esmegrf

My name is Emese Gyorfi, Meshi. I am a second-year UWE Fine Art student from Turkeve, Hungary. I have been living and studying in Bristol for the last six years. I found my passion for art at a very young age, and since then, I have been actively developing my skills and knowledge. I enjoy creating Pop-surrealist portraits with a slightly dark atmosphere and playing with abstract, geometric patterns on the canvas. Mostly I use acrylic as a medium, but I also enjoy working with ink and watercolour.
My most recent work includes digital portraits of women suffering from domestic violence and a dadaist found poetry reflecting on this issue. I am very interested in psychology and art psychotherapy. In the future, I would love to look into the deepest side of the human mind and understand the “whys?” by looking through the artworks.

ARTIST 4: Taliesin Fox // Instagram: @outfoxed._art
My name is Taliesin Fox ,22, I’m a fine art student from the Cornwall. I’m also a self taught oil painter, painting with heavy influence from painters like Lucien Freud and Jenny Saville. My work typically revolves around the self and being in a human body. As an openly LGBTQ+ artist, sharing my experience is a huge part of my work. Including making music from a Bi perspective. My recent project involved painting 15 local musicians,poets and creatives, highlighting the local storytelling community in Bristol. On the side, I work with wood (carving and pyrography) onto reclaimed/recycled wood creating folk art inspired by my Celtic roots.

Event photos for Artists Block - Heat 2:

Artists Block - Heat 2 at Mr Wolfs
Artists Block - Heat 2 in Bristol 2022

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