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Wednesday 18th May 2022

Artists Block - FINAL

— Mr Wolfs
Live Art competition with DJs - Winner takes £150 Cash
price: Headfirst Tickets


Our 3 finalists fought hard and came out on top of their heat. We’re back again for our first ever Artists Block Final to see who can be crowned the overall winner of the series and take home the sweet sweet cash prize of £150! With each heat so far showcasing an incredible amount of talent. the final doesn’t look like it’s going to differ! Each artist will have 3 hours on stage to complete their piece before we turn the voting to our audience to choose their winner! For the final Artists Block has an all night take over at Mr.Wolf’s with our legendary resident DJs of The 3QP spinning 7pm-3am this is a night not to be missed!

Artists Block Bristol presents an avant-garde night of live art and music. Three of Bristol’s most aspiring artists go head to head in a live art battle while the 3QP Collective go b2b on the decks spinning the notorious Bristol sounds of jungle, dub, garage and 140. The artists will be given 2 hours in front of our live audience to create their masterpiece before we turn the deciding vote over to YOU, to see who can beat the artists block, be crowned the winner! With all artworks for sale on the night, come meet these rising stars and immerse yourself in an evening of live music and contemporary art.

ARTIST 1: Caz Rumjanceva // Instagram: @gtfocazz
I’m Caz Rumjanceva, I am currently working on a narrow boat and producing things like earrings, paintings and crochet clothing for sale. Originally moved to Bristol to study travel writing.
My original style was hyper realism producing realistic portraiture, objects or landscapes. Bristol has inspired me to look at objects not for what they are but what its’ shape and colour could be part of. I am now trying to unearth my own style in paintings; producing surreal, abstract work.

ARTIST 2: Rebecca Arundell // Instagram: @rma_art01
Hi my name is Becca Arundell and I am currently studying at UWE doing Fine art in my 2nd year. I moved to Bristol for uni, and so far have greatly enjoyed the art that encompasses the city since it’s a stark contrast to my home. Whilst I originally had an interest in photography at sixth form, I have always been creating art and had the opportunity to explored my passion for fine art on my foundation art and design course. I have worked with many different mediums and I have continued to experiment on my course, these have included Digital art, portraits, oil pastels and abstract work. I try not to limit myself or put myself in a box when it comes to my art as I love to use lots of different styles and ways of working. Recently I have taken more of an interest in fictional portraits and self portraits using bright colours and I am continuing to develop my skills surrounding these portraits, I am very excited to expand on this practice!

ARTIST 3: Alice Smith // Instagram: @al.cebiff
My name is Alice Smith, originally from Newcastle, I moved to Bristol in 2020 to carry out a Fine Art degree at UWE – I’m currently in my 2nd year. I have always been intrigued by the unorthodox blend of realism and surrealism; generally distorting and fragmenting the human form. My practice is a constant battle between planning, painting and breaking-down. I have spent a lot of time trying to understand myself; the last few years in particular have provided me with the time and environment to reflect on my personal experiences, both mental and physical; positive and negative. My current style features significance of the eye. I remove the iris and the pupil within all of my paintings – this is to place emphasis on the person behind the eyes, rather than the outer-physical-body; the eye is the window to the chaos that lay behind it. My work also includes fragments of the female form, contributing towards the ideology of identity distortion in which my work portrays. I am inspired by artists such as: Preston Paperboy, Emilio Villalba, Salvador Dali and Sophie Tea.