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Monday 14th March 2022

Unicycle Beginner Workshop

— Parson Street Primary School
Learn how to unicycle!
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Would you like to try something fun and unique? Then look no further than this unicycle beginner workshop.

Unicycling is not just a circus art, but also a fun and very rewarding sport, which improves your balance, concentration and core strength!

With the help of our experienced coach Marie, you will have the opportunity to practise your first pedal strokes on a unicycle in a safe and relaxed environment.

This course is suitable for everyone – no prior experience or fitness level necessary. Unicycles are provided by us.

Where? Parson Street Primary School, Bedminster, Bristol
When? Monday, 14th March, 19:00 - 19:45 PM
Cost? £10
Booking? https://unicycleskills.com/product/unicycle-taster/

Event photos for Unicycle Beginner Workshop:

Unicycle Beginner Workshop at Parson Street Primary School
Unicycle Beginner Workshop in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

UnicycleSkills: Unicycle Tutorial - Side Mount
UnicycleSkills Unicycle Tutorial - No Handed Hopping
UnicycleSkills Unicycle Tutorial: Idling
This Can Only Go Well - Mike Taylor & Marie Schlenker

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