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Sunday 5th June 2022

(Say It) As It Is

— Space 238
An autobiographical show about sexuality
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(Say It) As It Is is a journey through memories. Amanda takes the audience with her to the moments that have impacted her sexuality the most. From childhood to the present she revisits that which is light as well as heavy, funny as well as sad. Movement, dance and live music from a loop station mixes with the honest, unfiltered memories. They mirror past experiences among the audience and create a possibility for fear, shame and limiting beliefs to be recognized and released.

Spiritual Theatre is a merging of the spiritual and the cultural experience. Pre-show grounding helps the audience become present, and interactive elements shift the dynamic into a shared, collective experience.

“We leave comforted in the knowledge that we are not alone” Georgia Laird, The Palatinate

Written and performed by Amanda Quartey
Directed and produced together with Noémie Pinaudeau

TICKETS at www.spiritualtheatre.co.uk

This can be an opportunity to be in the moment, reflect on yourself or just experience something new.

When you arrive you will have the chance to settle calmly in the space before the show begins. Please come on time to allow yourself to transition from the day behind you. To create a deepened experience you will be invited to take part in a collective opening and closing ceremony. You will always be able to choose your level of engagement at these points.

We invite you to come as you are and allow the whole of you to exist in this space, during these hours.

You'll be sitting on comfortable cushions on the floor for the duration of the show, approximately 1h and 30 min. If you think you'll be uncomfortable with this arrangement or are unable to sit in that way, please let us know and we'll try to accomodate your needs. Email directly to: amanda.akwele.quartey@gmail.com

The show includes bright, flickering lights which could be unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.
This play works with honest, unfiltered accounts of sexuality and sexual interactions. Although it dosn't discribe sexual violence explicitly it's nature could potentially feel triggering for people suffering from sexual trauma. We will try to facilitate the experience in the best possible way, with awareness of possible reactions as well as the healing the show could bring. We are not professionals in the mental health field however and ask you to check in with yourself before you book, to see whether a show like this would be helpful or potentially too much for you at this specific time.

It can be helpful to know what experience you're attending. We therefore ask you to share the information above with any people you're inviting or buying tickets for. In this way everyone is able to come prepared and open to receive what the show has to offer.

More info and tickets can be found at www.spiritualtheatre.co.uk

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(Say It) As It Is at Space 238 in Bristol
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