Eastern Margins x Max Euphoria: Minna-no-kimochi at Strange Brew
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"Bristol’s global Trance Party links with the guardian angels of Alternative Asian Culture for a high-intensity summit from Tokyo’s dystopian rave cybercult syndicate Minna-no-kimochi. The future has spoken and this is the new clubbing lore (wraparound shades may be enforced). "

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A clubnight held at Strange Brew on Today. The event starts at 22:30.

FORM 12-K, issued Bristol [12/07, 22:00] @strange_brew w/ Minna-no-kimochi みんなのきもち
Notification of a Joint Venture between @maximum_euphoria and @easternmargins to open a new Logistic Network discovered by @wesawufo, entitled “ᴍᴀxɪᴍᴜᴍ ᴍᴀʀɢɪɴꜱ”.

Minna-no-kimochi みんなのきもち
Sun Angels
Isla Den

みんなのきもち (Minna-no-kimochi) describe themselves as a "Trance cult gov-corp". Headquartered in Tokyo, they have achieved global notoriety for their post-club spin on trance and 2010s EDM.

Minna-no-kimochi have held raves at abandoned buildings, warehouses, and coastlines in and around Tokyo, and have curated the Mizuha 罔象 label project since 2021.

This summer the collective have embarked on an ambitious transnational expansion plan, strategically designed to enhance market reach. Minna-no-kimochi are now poised to solidify their position as a pioneering force in the global trance industry with their Bristol debut.
Other commercial associates joining us include Isla Den from our Montreal branch, Sun Angels from commerical trance solutions division, with logistical support also provided by our Jakarta delegate, Ar, plus south west regional executive qwerty-uiop.

The “MAXIMUM MARGINS” logistics network will ensure efficient and timely delivery to retail partners and directly to consumers via an enhanced e-trance platform.

Artwork by the GOAT @studio_dosage

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